fuku shitu


Let’s step back for a moment and remember 2 years ago.

FIC - A Man on the Inside

Warnings - Mild Swearing, violence

Word Count(so far) - 1938

Summary - Background on Sips kidnapping and the real people behind Fuku Shitu dirt company.

Notes - I’ve never written a fic before but I thought I’d give it a try. If anybody bothers reading it and likes it, I might continue because I actually really enjoyed writing this! So without further ado, here it is!

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Evicted: Cat loving witch that tends to take revenge quite seriously. Her dripping sarcasm and force tools will leave a reminder not to screw with her that you wont soon forget.

Flux Buddies: Despite his mischievous nature he tends to be quite shy with others, preferring to spend time with his luggage and his science. That doesn’t stop the Hat Corp. twins from meddling with him, of course.

Sjins Farm: Happy-go-lucky-know-it-all of the month 17 years in a row. Extraterrestrial farming is his biggest hobby, and by farming I mean mostly chilies. (has an odd interest in the restaurant business.)

Hat Corp twins: Manipulative monsters one minute and silly jokesters the next, these two girls are by far the most “evil” of the series. Their goals? Money, power, and money. Or, if they feel like it, a good meal at chiliwowa`s will do.

Fuku Shitu: Buff bastard CEO of sipsco industries. Very much enjoys correcting people with false facts, and rolling around in mud at every chance (not to mention mining). His goals? Big money, big women, big fun.

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