refeeding is fukt. sweating from places i didn’t know could sweat; my entire body hurts.
i know it is positive though- this is what my body needs and it will normalise soon and i will have so much more energy!

(Saiko gives me life.)

Also, Shuu said Kaneki…and it looks like Haise heard Shuu. He’s going out of his way to go behind the back of the CCG to infiltrate the Ghoul world…is he looking for Kaneki’s memories, or is this just purely zeal for his job…? Did he hear Shuu say Kaneki? Does he recognize Shuu to some extent? Are we watching the fall of Haise from Arima’s grace or the rise of Kaneki or perhaps some beautiful balance of Kaneki’s memory and Haise’s sanity?!


cw: food

I’m not allowed to give any identifying info about people/the ~world~ itself, but it’s been very supportive so far. 

on my first day in here i had to eat more in one day than i had previously been eating in about a week. 
whatever is on your plate, you have to eat- and in a time limit too. 
as i am on assessment phase atm they just ply me with benzos to ease the associated anxiety, but long term i am hoping to learn how to sit with the anxiety and fukt feelings of being ~full~.

it is legit alarming to me what is considered a ~regular~ amount of food for a ~regular~ person’s ~regular~ day… which is like, exactly why I’m here, clearly.

p.s. i haven’t really worked out what kind of blog this is gonna be yet, so pls bear with me as i work it out. more updates about recovery group therapy to come- it’s not all just gonna be me whining, hahaha.

umm okaaayy

i am so fukt rn but the bartender/manager ended up fucking me on the bar couch after closing and like literally people could have seen us from the window

holy shit 🔥

montreal why do you fuckin do this to me 👀