• Latinxs and Asian people: Please stop fetishising us for being "exotic" while simultaneously ostracizing us socially for being foreign.
  • Black people: Please stop discriminating against, criminalizing, and killing us. Also, stop dehumanizing us post-mortem to further "legitimize" our deaths.
  • LGBTQ+: Please let us live our lives in peace, and respect our sexualities and identities. They are just as valid and natural as yours are.
  • Mentally ill and physically handicapped people: Please try to understand us. We are not freaks. We are, in fact, "normal", and we only want support and acceptance.
  • Muslim people: Please stop attacking us for practicing our religion, we are not the same as the bigoted extremists that claim affiliation with us.
  • Jewish people: Please just leave us alone, we just want to live without discrimination. History has taught us that we are never truly safe anywhere.
  • Women: Please stop assaulting and harassing us, and give us autonomy over our own bodies. We want gender equality in our society.
  • All of the above: We just want to live without fear of prejudice and oppression. We are human, and we deserve to have our voices heard.
  • White, straight, cis, able-bodied, Christian men: Alright but have any of you considered how that will affect me? I mean we can't just