( WRITING FROM MEMORY GOMEN TO ANON IF I DIDNT GET IT RIGHT , but ye little au where she was bullied and stuff and ye )
You lay in your bed, all the  memories  come back to  you from middle school and elementary.  You can almost feel them pull your hair like they used to. All the names  all the times you wanted to just die. That one time when  they broke your glasses. Yeah, they are all back to you now. You know it’s just  a dream you truly do! But….It feels so real. It’s all happening  again , when you  almost  swallowed all those pills. But what you can’t remember, is…who stopped  you from doing it? Some boy you were friends with. Suddenly you feel a hand on your shoulder and jerk awake. You turn around and see Togami standing  there next to your bed. Oh hell, you’re crying too. You wipe your eyes and force a  smile. “O-oh, Togami-kun! Was there  something you n-need?”  You ask and he sighs. “I heard you crying while I was walking through the halls , has anyone ever told you cry  a bit loud?”  You shake your head but  he just sits  next to you on the bed and looks away. Why is he here? Don’t tell me , he  actually….cared ? You sit  up and sniff and wipe your eyes. He hand you a handkerchief and you stare at it for a bit, wondering why he gave it to you and he lets out an annoyed sigh. “Here, now stop crying. You don’t look nice at all when you are sobbing like some little kid.” He says , still looking away but you see a faint smile and nod as  you wipe your eyes again. “T-thank you.” you manage to quietly  say to him and he rolls his eyes. “don’t mention it. Or speak of it to anyone. Well, I’m done here.” He says as he stands up and  walks to the door  , but right before he opens it again he stops. “….I don’t want to see or hear you  crying ever again.” You can hear him mumble something but can’t make  out  what it is. He says good night and leaves. You  lay back down in the bed and hold the handkerchief close to you as you close your eyes, smiling slightly as you drift  into  a deep sleep. Now you can remember, a boy  who wore  glasses stopped you from swallowing those pills. He was kinda rude but  nice to you at the same time. 

( lil continuation of that other one i started  so i’ll just do this oki lol)
Fukawa stood there  ,staring at him walk around in her room in shock. Wow, he’s actually just walking around in her room , he soon sat on her bed and made  an annoyed sigh. “Shut the door.” he commanded and she nodded and quickly did as she was told.  How long was she just standing there like an idiot staring at him? “Togami-kun, may I ask why are you…here?” Fukawa  asked him and tilted her head slightly. Another irritated sigh escaped his lips like what she asked was the most stupid question ever. “Just, come over here.” He said with a wave of his hand and  she nodded and walked over  ,quickly. “Sit down. ”  She nodded again and did as he said. The two sat there  in silence for a bit The silence was interrupted by him reached over and pulling her closer to him She gasped slightly yet still stayed quit and  he grabbed her and  pulled her over to his lap. “Just, don’t speak and enjoy the moment… ” Fukawa  blinked and gulped “Okay.” She mumbled and he held her close. So many questions were going through  her  head that she wanted to say but just kept  quiet as they cuddled. She did enjoy the  moment , hoping it would never end.