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Ayano Gou for GQ Japan

[UPDATE: added interview translation]

This time I decided to properly translate my favourite parts of the interview cause GQ asks all the right questions and Ayano being super easy to understand for once (not that I’m complaining or anything but his interviews for cinema magazines are always a maze of acting theory for me). Also, Ayano x Yamada bromance <3

——This time there were a lot of people with whom you have already acted together, so how was the atmosphere on set?

Takayuki (Yamada Takayuki) is a close person, we have a trusting relationship when I know what is his facial expression right now without even looking at it. For example, I know how far Takayuki will go if he plays Hideyoshi. Same with the action scenes, we trust each other. We go all out until certain degree and if we accidentally hit each other we will just ignore it in a “It’s us so it’s ok” kind of way. Our private relationships became a plus.

When you become this age, it’s not just simple “let’s be friends on set if we friend in real life”. Without even realising it we draw a line. But if you can make the best of your private relationship it’s not a bad thing. If it’s usable you should use it. It’s the same with Fukami-san (Fukami Motoki). It’s my second time with Erika (Sawajiri Erika) too. Akkun (Nobuaki Kaneko and let me fangirl over this cute nickname, Akkun so precious <3) and Yuu (Yamada Yuu) also someone I know in private life. It was my first time acting with Iseya-san (Iseya Yusuke) and Toyohara-san (Toyohara Kosuke) but actually it was good for the role.

——You act in movies, tv-series and on stage, is it hard to “get out” of the role, shade the role off?

I dont’t have a concept of “going out” of a role. All roles I have ever played live inside me. (Ah, always so cool without even trying *-*)

——Do you care whether role is a lead one of if the project small or big in scale?

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There’s nothing wrong with being a Crow. When you compare them to the poor caged birds that have forgotten how to fly, Crows are much better. Being a Crow is good enough for me.
—  Crow Zero II