fuk moms

Doodled some shallura for @majesticlolipop bc its 1am so yeah why not (im sorry its so unfinished im tired)- AU where the space mom and the space princess are the same age, 10 000 years short

‘We’re so oppressed!!1’
(gets job because of being a woman)
(gets into school because of being a woman)
(gets custody of children from divorce because of being a woman)
(woman almost becomes president because of being a woman)

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could you do a fic where reader is a popular twitch streamer and while doing a live stream fans can see Calvin in the background and everyone starts freaking out and starts shipping them lmao

TBH: These requests are really cute because I like to watch a lot of Twitch streamers and just aakjwhdwajhd

this one wasn’t good though ;w;

LeafyIsHere X Reader - Livestream Shipping

(Name)’s recording room was shared with Calvin and their desks were placed in a ‘L’ like form, so if one was livestreaming the other couldn’t be on their computer, unless they wanted all hell to break lose. 

In the middle of her stream, fans started to spam the chat with “CALVIN X (NAME)”. (Name) laughed it off thinking that it was just random fans that shipped it. After finishing her Overwatch (SORRY I JUST LOVE THE GAME) game, she closed the game and went on to just look at the chat. She was just answering a few frequently asked questions about her equipment and how her day was, then out of nowhere the chat exploded with questions about Calvin.

“(Calvin & Your ship name)?”
“WTF, are you living with Leafy?”

(Name) turned her head around to find that Calvin was standing right behind her looking down at his phone, unaware of her streaming. She sighed. “Cal, you know I’m streaming right?”

“…Wait, what?” He looked at the webcam with a ‘oh-shit’ face.

 “Yep, livestreaming. Wanna take a look at the chat?” (Name) pointed at the monitor with the chat opened up. Calvin sighed.

“(Calvin & Your ship name) IS CANON”
“fuk u I luv leafy”

“Wanna tell everyone why you’re in my background?” 

“I was um, checking my Twitter.” Calvin let out a single laugh. (Name) playfully punched Calvin on the chest and he booked it.

“Fucking loser.” She laughed. “Well, I’m sorry that had to happen. I guess you can say it’s somewhat canon. But yeah, I’m going to end it here. I’ll let the fangirls take over his next video and now I’m going to kick his ass. Bye guys!” She ended her stream and walked out of the room. “CALVIN YOU’RE IN DEEP SHIT!” 

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Keith is a Hot Topic Teen Angst(tm) emo. This emo hates authority, fuck u mom it's not a phase, and is found in high schools across the world. Shiro is an aged emo. An established and thought out emo youd find majoring in English at uni. Reads poetry for fun.

i see Keith as more of a punk tbh. Those two phases mentioned are both stages I’ve gone through so I feel like Shiro was the ‘fuk u mom’ phase when he was younger, probably. He’s mellowed out since then, as have I (somewhat lol)

  • brain: ok, take it slow, buddy. write the fanfic, proofread it, wait a few days so you can see it with a fresh mind, make revisions...you want this to be good, right?
  • me: ya
  • brain: ok good. so you have the first draft done, now look it over and make edi--wait what are you doing why are you hitting ‘publish’ did you ignore everything i just told you
  • me: ur not my mom lol fuk off