fuk k

LGBT mythical creatures

Asexual mermaids who just like to swim n sing at sailors and lure them to their deaths when they’re disrespectful

Lesbian werewolf packs bc “fuck ur alpha mentality and straight white boy tropes”, instead if periods they can change into wolves at will and will Fuk u up k

Gay vampires who just wanna hold hands n chill while trying to stay away from garlic n the sun tbh

Bisexual witches who love boys n girls n potions n their spells considered “dark n gay”

Trans angels/demons who are literally so tired of fighting eachother n want to just look like cute patoots

non binary centaurs who could care less about anything unless it’s the forest or stars

Aromantic psychics who just wanna be bffs with everyone and help with future plans like maybe ur financial investments

Someone talk to me about this ok,,, feel free to add more



I was supposed to a post when I got 450+ but w o w it grew in such a short amount of time and so I’m finally making one for 550+! You guys don’t know how much I appreciate all the support and interactions I have on this blog. I know I’m super slow and not always around, and I’m hella quiet too unless it’s dashcom!crack central, so I hope I can express how much you all mean to me through this post. This is such a wonderful fandom and I haven’t felt this comfortable since the dbz community. If I’m ever awkward to approach I know it’s just /me/ being a shy egg, rather then feeling intimidated by anyone. Even with so many amazing bakugou rpers out there, I’ve never felt excluded or doubted this blog, and if I do it’s only for a short amount of time, because everyone is so lovely about this tbh! And woah I adore duplicates now more then ever thanks to this community!! Although my portrayal often differs, I’ve always found it unique when other people do that, so I don’t stress too much about it! aka. I’m taking my own advise about having fun and not worrying about the little details. 

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From @k-anba’s AU, corrin and silas 😢😢😢😭😭😭 i still cry at night thinking abt it SOBS


@autopsy-juice I LOVE YOU ♥ 
And here in my timeline, it’s already your birthday so… TAKE THIS! 
I’m sure you will find a use for them. @v@ 

A bunch of Sanzu’s emoticons @cursetale

Anyway, I’ve never been really good at expressing myself, it’s even worse in english. But I really want to add more words (HOW2WORDSFUK #Ifeelyousanzu) on this post.
You deserve so much @A@ 

I knew you since more than an half year now and I wonder how I’ve been able to busy my day before to know you. (this is crazy)
My heart is always wanting to spend more time around you! I wish I don’t need to sleep often, ahaha. Or better, I wish that I dont leave so far away beyond oceans! 

Anyway, even if we knows eachother since this little amount of time, I know that you are now a whole part of my life and I wont be able to be the person I am today without you. You have such a great influence on me just by being yourself so, never change dude! You’re cool. And I love you.

(is that cheesy? I never know when I am °v° Anyway, just take this, it’s been made with all my love for you)

Yuuri!!! on Ice as: Lemme Smash Quotes

Viktor: “You want sum fuk?”

Yuuri K.: “Lemme smash. Please.”

Yuri P.: “Your tail is smol.”

Otabek: “Wrong stick”

Minako: “Go find Becky.”

Minami: “You want yellow? She doesn’t want yellow…”

Christophe: “You want sum tail? Flick.”

Emil: “Bitches love sticks”

Sara: “Ron, I’m leaving.”

Michele: “Peck. Peck.”

Georgi: “Now Becky is smashin Ben”

Mod Goldie: Lemme know if I missed anyone, and I’ll add them in.

wanna chat? pt 6

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5 | pt 6

i’m taking a fanfic break but i don’t reeeaaaaaalllllllllllly consider this fanfic so it’s ok. and i’m taking a break from my short stories which got…dark.

anyway. i mention this weird commercial a bunch and it’s this one that i keep seeing late at night?? and i wrote down random comments i had on my phone and BOOM! alya.

also???? what is this plot doing in my crack????????? why is there even the smallest bit of plot and continuity what’s happening

enjoy? i don’t know?

3:15 AM

rockin’ the beats: you think lb and cn will let me tag along to punch hawk moth in the face?  

the real ladybug™: sign me tHE FUCK UP

3:27 AM

the real ladybug™: u think i could start outsourcing ladyblog stuff 2 ppl who dont have curfew cuz like
this is cramping my groove

rockin’ the beats: ‘cramping your groove’??????

the real ladybug™: ye cramping my groove
got a problme with it m. off the chain??

rockin’ the beats: fuck you

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this is gospel - piano version // !

anonymous asked:

FUCK KARLEY IM SUCH A SINNEr fuck ok like Alex does have a mommy link but like u said it's super lowkey but just as fucking hot cause he's got that voice so deep u feel it in the clit u kno ok so you'd just be riding him into the fuckin sunset and saying nasty shit to him like "you like when i pin you down and use you?" and FUK K he'd just drag his nails down your ass and say in the HOTTEST voice "yes ma'am i love it when you use me" theN YOUD BUST 28 NUTS I HAVE TO BATHE IM SORURHR