fuk k

LGBT mythical creatures

Asexual mermaids who just like to swim n sing at sailors and lure them to their deaths when they’re disrespectful

Lesbian werewolf packs bc “fuck ur alpha mentality and straight white boy tropes”, instead if periods they can change into wolves at will and will Fuk u up k

Gay vampires who just wanna hold hands n chill while trying to stay away from garlic n the sun tbh

Bisexual witches who love boys n girls n potions n their spells considered “dark n gay”

Trans angels/demons who are literally so tired of fighting eachother n want to just look like cute patoots

non binary centaurs who could care less about anything unless it’s the forest or stars

Aromantic psychics who just wanna be bffs with everyone and help with future plans like maybe ur financial investments

Someone talk to me about this ok,,, feel free to add more



@autopsy-juice I LOVE YOU ♥ 
And here in my timeline, it’s already your birthday so… TAKE THIS! 
I’m sure you will find a use for them. @v@ 

A bunch of Sanzu’s emoticons @cursetale

Anyway, I’ve never been really good at expressing myself, it’s even worse in english. But I really want to add more words (HOW2WORDSFUK #Ifeelyousanzu) on this post.
You deserve so much @A@ 

I knew you since more than an half year now and I wonder how I’ve been able to busy my day before to know you. (this is crazy)
My heart is always wanting to spend more time around you! I wish I don’t need to sleep often, ahaha. Or better, I wish that I dont leave so far away beyond oceans! 

Anyway, even if we knows eachother since this little amount of time, I know that you are now a whole part of my life and I wont be able to be the person I am today without you. You have such a great influence on me just by being yourself so, never change dude! You’re cool. And I love you.

(is that cheesy? I never know when I am °v° Anyway, just take this, it’s been made with all my love for you)

The new despair arc episode in a nutshell

Natsumi: “im not bitter about being placed here nope fuck you guys”

Sato: “fuck you bitch you hurt my girlfriend”

Koizumi: “No dont hurt my girlfriend”

Hajime: “Help”

Chiaki: “You dont need a talent to be happy you fuck dont become izuru just be normal holy shit literally everyone has told you this”

Hajime: “k”

juzo: “fuk u and ur entire life”

hajime: “im sad now ;_;”

hajime: “make me izuru”

literally everyone: “fucking god dammit hajime”

Also twilight syndrome happened somewhere in there but the episode rushed so fast i didnt really notice