I actually like the Sorali fans on this website.

They don’t force it on people, they are civil to talk to and some of them like the ship because of the dynamic. Honestly I am happy because of that. Hell I would almost ship it myself if it weren’t for the disgustingly homophobic messages on Anime news network and Youtube. This is where my hate for the ship brought me. Honestly I am starting to hate Sorose as one did call the Sormiks fujoshits! Wow thanks you assholes and you wonder why we are so salty. 

So nice fans stay good y’alll.

Me: YOI is a fetishized, overly eroticized representation of MLM relationships marketed towards the straight girl audience just like every other fujoshit anime, and the fact that the relationship is canon and “in your face” doesn’t change that
Some fujoshit: “um the show ISNT q***r baiting because they’re ACTUALLY in a relationship? Have you even watched the show?”
Me: who said anything about queerbaiting…

fujoshi perfectly becomes “fujoshit” and [REDACTED] perfectly becomes yuushit and i think that’s a sign from above that this fandom needs to get better fucking taste anyway follow julian the only regular zosan artist who matters

when fujoshi like someone

Fujo : “I like you”

boy : “but, I’m gay”

Fujo : ”…”  “I really really really like you”

boy : “but, I’m-”  *shut mouth*

Fujo : “Sssst! I like you … and your lover”

*praying* please god don’t let the yuri!!! on ice fandom be taken over by homo fetishizing yaoi fujoshits that hate on any potential female love interests or female characters in general and take clear fan service seriously and think ignoring the plot for a ship is fine

if i hear “all those dumb fujoshit soremiku fans care about is their ship and ignore everything else in zestiria (with a Subtle ~especially the women because they are probably misogynistic tossed in there)” one more goddamn time, i stg. esp with the anime, because i’ve been hearing it a lot and i am sort of at the end of my rope here

do i need to bust out receipts, do i need to offer proof of every time i have said “i love alisha/rose/lailah/edna” to like, Prove that i do indeed care about other things. but am i allowed to spend time gushing about a ship that 1. is totally harmless and 2. makes me happy when i am not a very happy person

do i need to bust out the goddamn zestiria lore to prove that i care about the whole cast/canon AND HONESTLY even if i didn’t care are people, like, obligated to????

you know who i see shitting on alisha and rose more than anyone else? neckbeard waifu dudebros who pit them against each other. i’ve never once seen a soremiku person in my personal circle of tales friends say anything negative about any of zestiria’s female characters

it’s honestly ridiculous and it is honestly unfair. let people enjoy their damn ship, let people be happy that their m/m ship is canon, nobody has ever said it’s the pinnacle of representation but in a series of jrpgs where almost every game focuses on The Hets it *is* good to have. can’t we just like, be happy. maybe. just let us Fujoshits (because everyone always has to blame women for not doing fandom the “right” way or whatever) enjoy our pure ship in peace, i am p sure we are not hurting anyone