Gonna keep this OC train rolling, this time with a character I drew only once and never touched again! Hopefully drawing Sherbet again after all this time is a good sign, right?

Finally gotten around to rounding out her character a little bit, read more under the cut if you’d like!

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Castlevania shipping

The natural thing is to ship, in my case (mostly because I’m a yaoi fan), is Alucard x Trevor (yes, In that order please, but you can put it in the order you feel like it). 

The normal thing to others might be to ship Trevor x Sypha, because yes, I know that’s an actual thing. 


The great ship: Alucard x Trevor x Sypha, because is the most delicious threesome (OT3) ever. 

And you can play as much as you want with them, experiment and do as many head canons as possible. 

So, ship the OT3, it’s good, for you, for your soul. 

Let’s be creative! Don’t stick with the usual ships and enjoy while waiting for the second season. 

anonymous asked:

Imagine being so apathetic you butcher fictional characters into being homosexual to fulfill your own desperate fantasies. Fujoshits are cancer

i’m not a “fujoshit”, as you say, so nice try! i’m just a simple gay trying to make up for the lack of lgbt representation in the media by innocently head cannoning characters from shows i enjoy as such!

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why do all str8 dudes online always think ppl who like goro akechi are "fujoshits" and "think he did nothing wrong"? why is that always their way to dismiss someone lol, and they pretend to care about morality when they love games where the protagonist can mow down ppl so its not the murder. i seriously wonder why they're the most vitriolic when it comes to this, did akc's comments to joker threaten their masculinity or what?

yeah dude i… i got nothin for you other than male entitlement/having their heads up their ass and stuffed in anime tiddies their whole lives