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(2) Also I think I've seen some Lmaohurls reblog from that user RE: chapter 84 and whatnot, then turn around and call Erur* problematic and accuse Erur*s of being "yaoi fangirls who ~erase~ Hange and fetishize gay men". Not to say that certain tropes in yaoi genre aren't disgusting (b/c they are) and that some str8 women don't fetishize gay men for their ships (b/c they do), but like... you support a person who likes Veteran/Adult shit and is ok with shipping lesbians with

(3) male characters but sure, go ahead and call Erur* and Erur* shippers ~*~problematique~*~ for acknowledging the bond between Erwin and Levi (that Isayama himself has also confirmed like 666 times)! These people are truly the real concerned LGBT allies us dirty fujoshits don’t deserve! <3

They’re the shipping freaks who don’t care about Hans. The more time passes, the more lobotojans ridicule themselves. Allow them to, it’s funny.