Referring to YOI and/or Victuuri as ‘bait’ or ‘fujoshit’ is so immensely disrespectful to the hard work the team put into this show, especially Yamamoto-sensei, who fought so hard for her vision, who worked against attempts at censorship, and who had to shop this show around for years because she would not budge on the story she wanted to tell.

gay men have tirelessly explained why killing stalking is a dumpster fire of homophobia and yet these loser stans will plug their ears and continue to make fun of their abuse and treat it like a funny meme. absolutely disgusting.

Gonna keep this OC train rolling, this time with a character I drew only once and never touched again! Hopefully drawing Sherbet again after all this time is a good sign, right?

Finally gotten around to rounding out her character a little bit, read more under the cut if you’d like!

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het fan number 1: i hate all slash its just for fujoshits to get off. people always call me homophobic for saying i hate gay pairings *proceeds to not comprehend the fact that a lot of fans are gay and enjoy m/m and f/f content because they want to see representation for themselves* *thinks theyre the authority on what is gay fetishizing and what isnt*

het fan number 2: my sinful gay babies!! xD this ones the seme and this ones the uke uwu i love yaoi

me: i was sent back in time to kill both of you

You know between the hype of the new movies and the announcement of a third season, I am reminded of why I love Free! so much.

Think of the show as you wish, it is not a perfect show, it is not without it’s flaws and debate all you want about how it is baiting and only a certain type of people could ever enjoy it. (Calling it fujoshit and whatever, completely ignoring the TONS of guys who adore the show and the people who just generally like a well made anime.)

I just believe that it’s a wrong statement. Yes, Free! does pander to its fans, but why does that have to always be a bad thing? 

When it comes down to it, Free! has so much heart, and even here 4 years later, I still find the cast of characters to be some of the most loveable I’ve ever known. It is filled with such a sense of friendship and love; it penetrates you, you never doubt the bonds between these characters, and shipping aside, that’s what matters the most here. 

I adore the seiyuus and their obvious devotion and love for the show as well. During each event, you can tell they love this as much as the fans, hell they even outright say so multiple times as well. They laugh, cry and love. 

Free! came to me during a rough time in my life, I had very little going for me, little to look forward to, but once this show started airing, many of those issues faded away, because my god was this fun! Free! is fun, so much fun, and I will never forget the feeling of jamming out to “Splash Free” repeatedly back in the days. 

The show is so special to me, and I couldn’t give a crap about what haters are spewing, I love Free! so fucking much. <3