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Fujoshi Problems!~

Since I got one like/reblog, which I thank you for person!

I’ll do Fujoshi Problems! And if i get that tablet I want for Christmas, I may even start drawing them~ And I’ll try my best to show the side of the Fujoshi world people have never seen!

Anyways, Welcome to my new little segment: Fujoshi Problems!  

I’ll start off simple…

When someone says, “Are you coming?”

Normal People:

In the mind of a Fujoshi:

External image

On the outside:

And then you’re left with people looking at you like:

Give me a pairing!~
And I’ll give my opinion.
  • who cooks normally?: 
  • how often do they fight? 
  • nicknames for each other?:  
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: 
  • who steals the covers at night?:  
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: 
  • who kissed who first?:  
  • who made the first move?: 
  • who remembers things? 
  • who started the relationship?:
  • who cusses more?: 
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?:  

(By the way, my fandoms are: Hetalia, Naruto… You know what, just send me one and if I know it I’ll do it and if I don’t then, there you go.)

What about my Wants?! My Needs?!

Now that I got your attention

I really want to answer a question! Come on peoples! Ask me something! Or… Give me Pairing. I’ll tell you my opinion on them, or if you want me to, I’ll write a fanfic about them for you, now that I have the break to do it! (Warning: I may not know some pairings you give, so don’t get all pissy when I just put a giant question mark on it, please.) Give me what you got!

Amnesia (The anime)

I finished it last night and I loved every minute of it!~

Oooh~ The boys!~ What a lucky bitch Heroine is.

It was awesome to watch, no lie. Must be nice to switch from 5 different guys without technically being a slut. What a dream. You know, besides the amnesia and the bitchy fangirl club after your blood.

My favorites were Kent and Toma~

I loved his yandereness! A boy putting you in a cage means he loves you very much! [Anime Logic]

… I have a thing for smart, awkward and tall characters. XD

I suggest fangirls of all genres to watch this.