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Yuusuke: “And then there are several Ritual Summon Cards tha-… Fubuki?”
Fubuki: “….zzzZZ”
Yuusuke: “Fubuki? Hey, we’re working on a project here!”
Fubuki: “…”
Yuusuke: “Fubuki! Stop snoring, we are in the library!”

It’s doodle time again! Or, to be honest I started this several weeks ago but couldn’t finish this before now.

Yuusuke and Fubuki are studying in the library. It’s the first time for me to draw Fujiwara Yuusuke! Isn’t that fun… because I really didn’t like him in first place but now, several years later I started to like him very much.

Asalways, please don’t repost this without asking for permission. Likes and Reblogs are very much appreciated.

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The most frustrating thing about liking characters with not enough screen time is that there's just not enough canon.

I mean, with Yuusuke… he’s not okay. But there isn’t enough information to figure out how not okay he was before Darkness - let alone how not okay he is after, because hey Juudai saved the world again what do you mean you want to know how the kid who almost destroyed it is doing?

I’ve been re-watching the little bits of pre-Darkness Yuusuke we do get, and it seems a pretty safe bet that this is actually Yuusuke:

We know he has enough difficulty with intrusive memories that giving up his entire self seems like a better option than continuing to experience them, and that he’s absolutely terrified of being forgotten and left behind. So the depression is almost certainly him.

This, on the other hand…

It could still be Yuusuke. Just because we only see him having a manic episode in the context of reaching out to Darkness doesn’t mean that it was caused by the supernatural instead of his own brain chemistry. But it could just as easily be Darkness tugging at him - and if it is Darkness, it might encourage him to work even harder, if he finds the mania preferable to the depression.

I’m sort of inclined to think that the mania is also him, because he’s displaying it even before he spills blood and briefly invites Darkness into his room. But there could have been a presence there already - just not an obvious, purple one.

I can’t decide which I think is more likely.

(Unrelated side note: Yuusuke’s eyes are really pretty but they look nothing like a YGO character’s, and it’s kinda weird. But cool.)

If anyone has any input on any of this, I’d love to hear it! Otherwise I’ll probably end up writing unstable bipolar Yuusuke and then never actually posting it because what if I’m wrong.

obligatory question mark??