#遊戯王 #遊戯王GX

Yuusuke: “And then there are several Ritual Summon Cards tha-… Fubuki?”
Fubuki: “….zzzZZ”
Yuusuke: “Fubuki? Hey, we’re working on a project here!”
Fubuki: “…”
Yuusuke: “Fubuki! Stop snoring, we are in the library!”

It’s doodle time again! Or, to be honest I started this several weeks ago but couldn’t finish this before now.

Yuusuke and Fubuki are studying in the library. It’s the first time for me to draw Fujiwara Yuusuke! Isn’t that fun… because I really didn’t like him in first place but now, several years later I started to like him very much.

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