Stage play “Inferno – If I’m with you, we may fall into hell” - download

So I have the stage play “Inferno“ for anybody who is interested. Just remember to follow the rules. ^.^

How it Works:

Send me an ask/message for the link. (If you are on Anon, I cannot send it to you so please do not ask on Anon.) I will reply to you with the link. That simple!

The Rules:

1. Do not repost the link! Please do not repost anywhere on Tumblr or on any other sites for streaming/downloading.

2. Please do not share this link.


Sangatsu no Lion live-action film PVs featuring theme songs by Boku no Lyric no Bouyomi & Sakura Fujiwara; opens March 18th.

why I love sport anime

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Natsume Yuujinchou Go #10 || Touko and Shigeru

Sometimes his eyes are empty, as if his heart isn’t here, and he’s looking far, far into the distance. How does he sees us with those eyes? Will he ever open up to us? Tell us what he wants to do, or wants to have? As if he really was family. Someday… Little by lttle, little by little… I know we will


Happy (early) valentines day!

I did that thing, where you make the card stuffs. Rejected lines include “I’m pretty tired from running through your mind all day so how about you let me rest on your bed,” “Necrophilia hasn’t even been outlawed in most parts of the world,” and “I didn’t bother getting you anything other than a card since you’re going to die in a few decades anyways.”