Shojo Beat November 2016 Releases

Find our volumes will be in bookstores next week! 

Requiem of the Rose King 5 

by Aya Kanno


Maid-sama! 6 (vols. 11 & 12)

by Hiro Fujiwara


Oresama Teacher 21

by Izumi Tsubaki


Shuriken and Pleats 2

by Matsuri Hino


**Final Volume**

-Editor Nancy

*Requiem of the Rose King releases Nov. 8

#遊戯王 #遊戯王gx

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Size: A4
Medium: Water Colour, Inktense, Ink
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Characters: Fujiwara Yuusuke, Tenjouin Fubuki/Atticus Rhodes, Marufuji Ryou/ Zane Truesdale

“Before the world forgets about me and leaves me behind. I will be the one who will leave the ones important behind to forget about the world.” - Fujiwara Yuusuke.

This was supposed to be Halloweenish.

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