list of mortal kombat characters who did nothing wrong
  • liu kang
  • younger sub-zero
  • reptile’s homeworld zaterra that he is desperately trying to revive and is never rewarded for his loyalty honestly
  • fujin
  • kotal kahn
  • liu kang again

Fūjin “god of wind” in the Taiyū-in Temple be here for protect the place with his eternal fighter between Brother Raijin “god of thunder”


The Zwartbles is a breed of domestic sheep originating in the Friesland region of the north Netherlands. There it was primarily used for the production of sheep milk as well as lamb and mutton. They were often kept alongside dairy cattle herds (Wikipedia, April 2014). 

Came across 3 of them yesterday, before retreating from the rain whilst trying to walk to the town from a very rural higher educational institution, Newport, Shropshire, England. 

The God of Blunder is at it again in Mortal Kombat X: Chapter 3 (prequel comic book series)

We See:
-Scorpion and Takeda as it currently happens (end of issue #1, chapter 3)
-Cassie vs Frost (which happens in issue #2, chapter 5)
-Kotal Kahn, Ferra/Torr, and Either Chameleon or Reptile(as confirmed by the writter) in issue #3
-Mileena and Reiko in what should be issue #4 or #5 (outworld civil war)
-Subzero vs Lin Kuei
-Kano and a Shokan
-Jax and an unnamed woman
-Raiden and Fujin

Mutualism Between Ants and Aphids

Aphids suck the sugar-rich fluids from their host plants. The aphids then excrete equally large quantities of waste, called honeydew, which is high in sugar content. Where there’s sugar, there’s bound to be ants.  

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