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Route Review - Nao Fujimori Main Route

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  • Honest and sensitive are perfect words to describe Nao, but he’s also adorably awkward and sincere. But he does come with his own insecurities, and at heart, he’s really not that confident in himself.
  • This route has absolutely perfect pacing, no recycled plot points–everything is original, refreshing, and compelling. It’s realistic, but even more than that, it’s a sweet portrayal of youth and first love.
  • If you like high school romance, you have to play this. If you’re skeptical about high school romance, you have to give at least the first chapter a try (you can read it for free). I genuinely think Voltage has struck gold here with their writing.

First love means a lot of things. In the words of MC, it means impulsive kisses, childish arguments, stupid jokes, and laughing until it hurts. But it also means incredible support from your best friends, some of whom know the ropes of romance better than you do.

What do you do on a first date? How soon should you arrive? Is it okay to kiss on the first date? There are so many questions and uncertainties that plague our couple, and they navigate through all of that with clumsy teenage precision.

Rating: 10/10

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»湘南初カレDiary|藤森妄想 シチュエチョン (Fujimori Fantasy Situation) Substory
((Basically they do all kinds of stuffs and ichaicha almost everywhere and he fantasize about stuffs xD I SWEAR THIS GUY BLUSHES AT LEAST #27382994 TIMES A CHAPTER, BUT IS STILL CUTE XD SHARE, REPOST, SPREAD THE LOVE!!❤︎❤︎❤︎))

During Valentine's Day
  • Person: Happy Valentine's Day!! What are your plans?
  • Me: Uhhh
  • Person: I'm going out with my boyfriend. Do you have one?
  • Me: *inside thoughts* I have multiple bfs lololol
  • *out loud* no I don't...
  • Person: So what are you going to do?
  • Me: Relax and eat chocolate *whsipers* and play voltage games *nervous sweat*
  • Person: What was the last part?
  • Me: My dog is my valentine bye now *runs away from problems* I coming for you! *insert voltage bf(s) and/or hubbie(s) here*

Main Route for: Shonan’s First Boyfriend Diary - Fujimori Nao / 湘南初カレ - 藤森 直 (apologies for the length!)

Summary (SPOILER ALERT): Nao confesses and asks you out (so cute when he blushes). MC has 3 main friends that help her along the way as Nao is her first boyfriend and there are many things she doesn’t know (like kissing techniques, giving suggestions on what to say in e-mails, etc). Through emails and spending time together after school, and from a date, you both realized you are each other’s first (first date, first boyfriend/girlfriend, first kiss, etc). One day MC suggest taking a stroll through the park before heading home (this park is known for couples). You guys have a hot steamy makeout session and was interrupted by rain. Both of you are drenched so Nao suggests going to his house since it’s closer and you both don’t have an umbrella. The steamy makeout sessions continue shortly as you are in Nao’s room, and MC is like OMG what do I do?! But they get interrupted by his mom this time. He introduces you to his mom and you learn more about Nao (he has 2 older brother, Nao has an inferiority complex towards his brothers cause they’re smart and good looking). Nao works hard at the basketball team and won the game prior to the Inter-High. Things led to another and both of you started making out in the Basketball club room. He whips out a super old condom from his wallet LOL which you both agree shouldn’t be used and both of you go on an adventure to buy condoms…the first stop: pharmacy didn’t have any; second stop: drugstore - the lady working there was too pretty and so you’re both too embarrassed to ask; third stop: you realized that Nao’s buddy Uchi works there part time. So in the end nothing happened (aren’t they moving too fast?!) Well, Nao focuses on practicing, your relationship progresses smoothly, you handmade him a protection charm for the Inter-high game. Shonan won 89-88 from Nao’s buzzer beater. More celebration, and you return back to Nao’s house and he tells you he started liking you after seeing you sing at some competition during first year, and thought how hard you were trying, and it gave him the courage to try harder too! After some talk, it naturally happened ^^

This was a super cutesy, fluffy, first love story which I really enjoyed, lots of comedy, you get 6 CGs! There were some hot a steamy parts, they make out A LOT LOL XD at one point Nao gets a bit upset and MC wonders why and she’s like “is it because I refused to do H things with him?!?!” and her friends are like you need to dump this guy is he’s only after you for that. Another time, MC thought she was finally ready for their first H, and was so scared she was shaking, Nao was like “are you scared? I will wait for you as long as it takes!” Nao is not a slumbag, he is a cutie!