fujifilm xpro


Cape Town, Blue Hour by Brian Eden
Via Flickr:
Lions Head Mountain. Cape Town, South Africa


DSCF3753 by Shuo Cheng

Her/e - 6

Location scouting last week and finally getting to play around with the X-Pro2 + 23mm. It’s quite different compared to how I use my Nikon’s but I am enjoying the weight and size difference. 


This is Stephanie, model, free spirit, mind speaker, knows what she wants-er (screw you, my blog, so it’s a word).  She’s always been one of my favorites in front of the camera, but life and times hindered our shooting together. A few weeks ago, we remedied that situation and created some amazing art together.Also, HUGE thanks to the folks over at Sig’s Lagoon, (best record shop in Houston) , for allowing us to come in and roam and shoot. Thanks for the Nick Waterhouse vinyls as well ! Side note, please don’t just show up to ANY business and just start shooting or creating . It hurts all of us in the end when places refuse us because we are being jerks. Its hard enough finding good locations.

Shot with the FujiFilm Xpro 2, 56 1.2 and 35 1.4