fujifilm x100s

Saint John, NB.  2016.

Saint John (not to be confused with St. John’s, Newfoundland) was one of my favourite places in the Maritimes.  I knew from streetviewing endlessly that it would be a fruitful visit.  This house in Uptown (aka Downtown) was my absolute favourite and is very emblematic of the kind of vernacular that enticed me to make a point of visiting the city, despite it being a bit out of the way relative to other destinations on our roster.  We arrived in Saint John late at night in deep fog after driving from Lunenburg and awoke to a gritty beaut of a city.  The city was a bit of a departure from the kitschy bluenose-and-wharfs vibe of Nova Scotia and really of all the places in the Maritimes I saw, it was the only place that didn’t feel Maritime-y.  It resembled places in the US more, based on how far-gone many areas seemed, or within Canada, like an older, scaled-down Hamilton plopped down on the Bay of Fundy.  As well, unlike Sydney, whose industrious past is well, in the past, both physically and mentally, in Saint John, industry is alive and abundant.  This is Irving’s town, after all.