fujibayashi sheena


i spent some time looking up what size tumblr windows are/how tags work/etc. and i decided to go ahead and use this as my art blog. these are just pokemon b/w sprites recolored/pixeled. nothing special. martel is my fav here. i plan on posting more symphonia stuff in the future, so subscribe or follow or whatever if you want.

sylvarant team: scientist raine, schoolboy genis, pokemon ranger lloyd, waitress colette

tethe’alla team: pokemon ranger sheena, musician zelos, schoolgirl presea, blackbelt regal

four seraphim: veteran kratos, janitor* yuan, nursery aid martel, rich boy mithos

*because he’s always cleaning up other people’s messes

Flanoir Scenes Basically (*spoilers*)

Colette - ship bait fluff
Genis - dude the effects of racism suck
Raine - special snowflakes but not insulting
Sheena - I’M IMPORTANT. THEY’RE IMPORTANT. EVERYONE’S IMPORTANT. (fuck I’m in the friend zone)
Zelos - did I mention I’m actually a nihilist
Presea - learning about optimism!
Regal - I suck but I support you
Kratos - This is the story of how I killed your mother