Fujian Tulou by Chi sin Gweilo on Flickr.

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I recently had the fortune to go to Xiamen, and while there visited the Tulous, out of town. These date from the Qing and Ming Dynasties, and are 3 or 4 story tall circular or rectangular buildings, with the people living on the inside of the fortified outer wall. Essentially a cross between a castle and a village.


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油滴七彩孔雀天目建盏 (Contemporary Oil-spot Rainbow Peacock Tenmoku Jian Ware)Fujian Province, China

One of my fav types of ceramics for tea bowls.  The goldfish/lotus/plum blossom branches adhering to the teaware are made of silver. Way beyond my budget but hey looking is free.

More info that you want to know about historical Jian ware:

Jian Tenmoku Bowls

It’s kind of sad that a lot of Chinese things are better known by Japanese names in the West when they really originate in China :(


Cities, Towns, and Landmarks of China - Part 1

Featuring the following provinces: 

This photoset was inspired by @languageramblings‘ Most Populated Cities in China post. 

 Sources are linked above 

In our cups this afternoon, Master Zhang’s Traditional Tieguanyin.

Picked this Spring from Master Zhang’s Anxi tea fields at over 1000m above sea level, the tea leaves spring right back to life here in Minneapolis, so many miles away.

Tasting Notes: juicy, violet, caramel, toasted rice, custard, marigold