Time for something new.

Over the past couple of years I’ve had an amazing time with my good friend Adam producing a body of work between us to create Marsden + Gregory.

From coming up with the shoot ideas to carrying them through and everything in between has been such a fulfilling experience for both of us, one of the things we really started doing was trying to come up with loose characters and stories.

Say hello to Eleri Jones. Apart from being a lovely human being, she’s an actress. We got in touch via a mutual friend and we talked about doing some work together, a lot like the work Adam and me worked on and really get into the story and character side of it.

So we’ve made a start, nice and simple but I think that’s the way. We’ve got an idea but nothing set in stone and I couldn’t be more excited about what we can do. The website will go live in the next month or so and we’ll add images to it as we go.

There’s no destination, just a journey of our making.