The Harness Shop. 

Two weeks ago, I shot a small commercial shoot for a new handmade product coming to market. Part of the shoot required us to head to a small leather shop near Bridgewater, Virginia that was owned by Old Order Mennonites. It was seemingly in the middle of nowhere and as you can see the by the entrance, a gem in the rough, but the inside was where the beauty was. The sweet stench of leather filled the air when we entered and every section was covered in leather. It was truly a magnificent site of texture and craftsmanship that I haven’t seen before. While I could not photograph the faces of those working on this project, one craftsman allowed me to photograph him as he worked for a brief few minutes. I shot about nine frames and I feel these represent a little bit of what I saw. In the second set of images, the craftsman is dyeing the leather. 

Contax 645 // Fuji 400H | Photovision Lab