my fujifilm X100..

this is like a review, but not..

I’m not going to analyze all the features one by one & blah blah..if you want that kind of review, you can find it here..  i’m thinking, most people are keen to hear what it’s like to use in the field - in real life?

so.. after all the hype around this little fellow, i didn’t really know what to expect, (or maybe i just didn’t believe the hype).. it sounded promising, but will it deliver my pizza with the works?

The short answer is ‘yes’.. I love this camera because:

(not in order of awesomeness) it’s small, it looks very handsome, it’s quiet, the lens is very sharp, it’s comfortable to hold, it’s easy to use**, the image quality (for a small/non-SLR camera), is amazing..

So what does that all mean?  it means that it’s now convenient to carry a camera that records great quality images, & doesn’t scare people when you take photos of them or around them.. soooo.. it makes you want to carry it around with you everywhere (yay)..

I can confidently say that the X100 produces files similar in quality to my D700 in most situations, which is awesome..

However.. image quality does suffer a little in ultra low light conditions.. I can comfortably shoot at ISO 3200 & be very pleased with the results, but in night shooting, the highlights are represented well while the shadows say 'bye bye’ fairly early on (compared to D700)..  I’m sure i could take my time with a tripod & longer exposures & really test the little fella out, but seriously, if i was going to bother doing that, I’d drag out the D3s & do it proper-like..  The whole idea of this camera for me is for fast, loose, & convenient shooting..

** The X100 takes some getting used to.. I had to study the manual somewhat, to work out how to use it.. once you’re dialed in though, it’s pure joytown to use.. get’s a little tricky when you give the camera to someone else to take a pic of you - they look at it like you just handed them a pumpkin & said “can you take a photo of us?”

if you’re thinking about getting one.. get one. I got mine from camera pro a few months back