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As many of my friends know, I’m not much of a camera strap person. They tend to get in your way and can be pretty uncomfortable. This is my personal favourite and I swear by this artisan and artist silk cord strap. It goes on any rangefinder I have, it’s light, wraps around your wrist nicely, breathable and extremely strong. It has a pretty unique look as well and comes in a few solid colours. Simple and clean, handmade in Japan

The Beauty Inside.

| Nazaré | Portugal | 2014 |


Forgotten by david baldock
Via Flickr:
Rosary Cemetery Norwich

Postcards from Lisbon. I .

| Largo de Camões | Lisboa | 2015 |


Laughton, Gainsborough, UK. 2016.

On my travels, I found the cutest wood and have already made plans to go back with numerous different people. I only managed to explore a small fraction of the woods here but it was absolutely beautiful. 

The fog added a sense of something magical to the place and I literally could have walked around it for much longer if I hadn’t been so strapped for time. 

I love places like this and have come to the realisation that I think this aside from portraits is one of my favourite things to photograph, scenery & landscapes.

You could be seeing a lot more of things like this as I plan to photograph this kind of thing much more over the next few weeks so watch this space. 

Photographs taken with Fuji XPro1 with 27mm prime lens.

Infrared with Fuji X-Pro1

In my previous post, I spoke about how CRAP at infrared photography my canon was, today I am going to talk about my Fuji Xpro1 and how that performs.

Verdict: Much better than the Canon.

The images from the Fuji are so much more defined I feel. Maybe it was the day I choose to shoot on but asides this there is no awkward vignetting and no annoying infrared hot spot causing issues within my images, instead, the images looked, even and normal?

The exposure times are so much faster than the Canon as well, with the Canon I was looking at 15-30 second exposures and with the fuji I have been working with 1-2 second exposures which are a lot more convenient and less time-consuming. I felt as though this encouraged me to shoot more because I wasn’t waiting a minute to get just 2 images. I am a fast paced worker. I hate anything taking forever.

Here are some of my images taken with my Fuji; 

If you saw my post about how the Canon 6D performs with Infrared photography then you’ll be able to see why I prefer these over them images.

Let me know what you think!