fuji x e2


Mr Rabbit • Mudec • Milano 2016

I’m not a series addicted, but this post is dedicated to UTOPIA. The UK series is based on a cospiracy-thriller plot and it’s a really creative and original product. The photography is excellent, the use of wide-angle perspective is so brillant and the use of lensflare is a rule. Exciting the soundtrack as well.

And what about the necessity of “evil” for the wellness of a few?
The plot is not based on a true story, of course, but you can read between the lines many topics of our days.

Don’t miss the chance to see it. Enjoy!


Hip hip hooray for my oldest daughter, Skorpan, who’s having her fifth birthday today! A fantastic person who fills my life with pressure, adventure, challenge and lots and lots of laughter. She’s the one responsible for re-igniting my photographic interest, back in 2010 when she was born (as I had to lay my rock-star dreams aside to find a hobby more suitable for a stay-at-home dad).