Undyne the Undying wig styling progress •̀.̫•́✧

finished stubbing and attaching the ponytail, as well as styling the bangs! still gotta make adjustments/fix details here and there, but overall really satisfied with how it’s turning out!

  • Genji: You think I’m gonna be friends with you huh? Right???
  • Hanzo: Yes
  • Genji: Really? How delightful! I accept! Lets all frolic in the fields of friendship! … NOT! Why would I ever be friends with you!? If you weren’t my house guest, I’d beat you up right now! You’re the enemy of everyone’s hopes and dreams! I WILL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND! Now get out of my house!
  • Zenyatta: Dang, what a shame, I thought Genji could be friends with you… But I guess… I overestimated him… He’s just not up to the challenge…
  • Genji: CHALLENGE?! What?! Zenyatta! Wait a second! Darnit, he thinks I can’t be friends with you!? Fuhuhu! What a joke! I could make friends with a wimpy loser like you any day! I’ll show him! Listen up, Hanzo. We’re not just going to be friends. We’re going to be… BESTIES! 
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Anon asked:  nalu first date fuhuhu

AN: I´m so damn creative and original :´D Whatever, take this uncreative random date. I´m not good at this. Okay, so Natsu ran to a little shop while Lucy cared about her thoughts and he bought an umbrella. His hair and glasses got wet in the process so he ruffled his hair und put the glasses into the pocket of his pants. Yes, lucy. You get a fine looking Natsu on your first date (And yes, they kiss. )

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Love Live! Undertale AU


Read at your own risk if you have not finished Undertale. It has been attempted to avoid spoilers, however, they may still exist.

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Signs As Undyne Quotes:

Aries: It’s kinda cute …  I mean, uh…  I’m tough!!! I love to eat rocks!!

Taurus: That’s the store of Gerson, the Hammer of Justice! The toughest monster that ever lived…!

Gemini: Fuhuhu!!! Afraid?! We’re gonna be best friends!!!

Cancer: … heh … “It’s nothing” …

Leo: Though, who can blame you for fleeing from certain death…?             ME!!!! I’m still TOTALLY disappointed! That’s the WIMPIEST thing you’ve EVER done! Apologize to your poor friend, OK, buster!?

Virgo: What I like about you is that you’re PASSIONATE! You’re ANALYTICAL! It doesn’t matter what it is! YOU CARE ABOUT IT!!

Libra: I practice that monologue ALL the time in the mirror!

Scorpio: Snow-wrestling!!

Sagittarius: When everyone puts their hearts together, they can’t lose!


Aquarius: Did you know I can bench-press seven children!?

Pisces: If you think I’m gonna give up hope, you’re wrong.