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anonymous asked: an edit of your favourite episode: Endeavour 1x02 | Fugue.

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"Hi! Nice to see another Ampharos around. My name's Fugue, what's yours?" Fugue asks, grinning. He's holding a deck of cards and wondering if this other Ampharos wants to play with him! @sometimesampharos


Dale: Lately I’ve been filled with the knowledge that the killer will strike again. But because it is just a feeling, I am powerless to stop it…

Albert: Let’s test it for the record. Will the next victim be a man or a woman?

Dale: A woman.

Albert: What color hair will she have?

Dale: Blonde.

Albert: Tell me some other things about her.

Dale: She’s in high school. She is sexually active. She is using drugs. She’s crying out for help.

Albert: …What is she doing right now?

Fugue in C major

This fugue is based on a theme I wrote while I was on vacation in Leipzig ealier this year. I also wrote a bunch of other themes over there and I wanted to make them a little collection of pieces but it didn’t really work out so I decided to just post this now, more than one month after I finished it. And also I hadn’t posted a new piece in a while, but you can expect more very soon :) 

Fic Recs: Fluff

Some of my faves:


1. All The Kids At School (They Were Wishing They Were Me That Night)(likeyouareinlove) - Getting voted ‘School’s Hottest Couple’ when they aren’t actually a couple complicates things a bit.

2. Whether Clouds Or Clear Skies (onewasturning) - Louis gets into the habit of stealing baked goods while Harry’s busy keeping tabs on the weather.

3. Bring Out Feelings In Me I Never Show (tomorrows) - Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving.

4. (Take You Back Where You Belong) This Could Be Our Favorite Song (orphan_account) - When recently divorced, thirty-five year-old, overworked tax accountant Louis Tomlinson gets sent on a two-week vacation to Aruba by his best friend, he automatically assumes it’s going to be two weeks of panicking about all of the work he’s missing and staying holed up in his room. But then, right on his first night in Aruba, he meets Harry Styles, the cheeky, crass, and charming waiter and up-and-coming musician. Who happens to only be eighteen years old.

5. From Eight Until Late, I Think About You (supernope) - After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often.

6. Always Come Back To You (whoknows) - One Direction is long over, Louis has recently come out, and he may have been lying when he told the world he had a boyfriend…

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Shostakovich - Prelude and Fugue no.7 in A Major

It’s been rainy and dreary all day. I’ve been lazing around watching Netflix, being a generic lump under the blankets. I opened youtube and this fugue was recommended to me. Mini tragic story: months ago my computer died and I lost everything. I’d lost my ENTIRE music collection. I spent the next few months uploading tracks off of CDs in my house, and then going back and fourth to my local library that I’d used to build a collection back in high school, and I’ve been trying to buy back whatever the library no longer had. One major loss was the complete collection of Shostakovich’s Preludes and Fugues, performed by Keith Jarrett. It’s on my wishlist, but I haven’t felt compelled to get it back immediately. Now, listening to the beautiful crystalline mood of the fugue, I realized that I’d forgotten how much life was in the set, how much music I’m missing out on. This recording is of Shostakovich himself, and if you’ve heard Shostakovich play before you won’t be surprised at the hyper-speed he plays at…as if he is taking in coffee through an IV. Either way, here is a breathtaking performance of an underrated work. Enjoy!


foods of thedas :  TEVINTER

as with most things in tevinter, the food aspires to be effortlessly stylish & oppressively opulent. for those who can afford it, every meal is fine dining, combining rich flavours with expensive ingredients. it is a matter of pride for magisters to be able to transport exotic items to their villas, no matter how far away the source is. the most impressive ingredient, however, is lyrium, which is often mixed with spiced wine or tea at the more decadent parties. being able to acquire these ingredients illustrates wealth & power, and many use this to their full advantage with the tradition of VENDITATI LUCRIS – the offering of food made to a new neighbour, as both a greeting and a statement of superiority. traditional dishes include fugu sashimi, bun bo hue, honey-roasted figs, and red jasmine tea.


One day I’ll send you out for a routine inquiry and it’ll turn out to be just that. But I won’t hold my breath. You’d find something suspicious in a saint’s sock drawer.

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A bit out of left field but what do you think is the most under appreciated castlevania?

Castlevania II.

No, not Simon’s Quest. The other Castlevania II:

Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge was the sequel to Castlevania: The Adventure, and let me start by saying that The Adventure is bad. Really bad. There are very few CV games I can call “bad,” and The Adventure is the worst of them. Awful controls, poor level design, monotonous gameplay, annoying enemies…it was not a very good game in any way except the music. (Which, in CV tradition, was still good.)

I mention how bad The Adventure is to give context to just how surprising it is that its sequel was absolutely wonderful. It’s without a doubt my favorite pre-SNES Castlevania game.

Belmont’s Revenge is just seriously impressive in every way. The graphics are stunning for a Game Boy game, utilizing complex backgrounds, water animations, layered effects, and just being extremely detailed overall.

Originally posted by kazucrash

The music was not just good, it was fantastic. The composers knew the hardware they were working with, and their compositions used it to its full potential, with songs ranging from riff-driven metal to covers of classical fugues. If you ask me, no handheld Castlevania before or since has even come close to the quality of the music in Belmont’s Revenge.

That fugue, by the way, plays when Christopher Belmont, the protagonist, is fighting a battle against his son, who’s been kidnapped by Dracula and brainwashed into serving him. Yes, this game actually has a plot! And an interesting one at that, which gave us the first time (and one of the only times) two Belmonts not only interacted with each other on-screen, but fought each other.

The gameplay smoothed out nearly all the issues The Adventure had, and feels as solid as any early CV game could feel. The bosses are fun, the enemies don’t feel cheap, and Christopher doesn’t control like a potato.

Overall, Belmont’s Revenge is one of my favorite Castlevania games of all time, which is impressive when I consider all the games made with much more advanced hardware that I didn’t like nearly as much as I liked BR.

depressed summer: 
a haze, a fugue, 
golden / orange blur
swallowing me whole.
a garden / grave:
catnap eternal ––

these are
our summer storm blues.
these are
the ways lightning bugs die.
these are
sunsets swallowed by smoke.

depressed summer:
sometimes a star falls
and it makes no sound.
(will you remember me
come autumn?)

     –– –– –– depressed summer // cns // 7.15.17

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I’d like to thank everyone who’s following me for being there. I truly appreciate it and it means A LOT to me! I really, really, really want to thank you all for your support, your comments, reblogs, likes, your hilarious tags and for your asks. Your brighten up my days and I just plain love you all!

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