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Questions by blueberrykiller :)

Which flower would you be? A Tulip (:
What are you afraid of? People recognizing my insecurities /:
Do you believe in heaven and hell? Yeah, I guess
Do you collect anything? Yes, magnets (: My bed is metal so I put them on it
What would you be in another life? Like animal? Probably a cat (:
Do you believe in ghosts? Kind of :P
What inspires you? Determined people. I don’t really have that one set idol, just people who take their lives where they want to go. Like, go you.
If you could travel in time, which age would you go? Fourth grade, definitely. I would sit there and repeatedly slap myself in the face for doing the stupid things I did, and also I would yell at myself for dressing the way i did. :P
Do you believe in happily ever after? Absolutely.
Do you write a diary? No
Which languages would you like to speak? French and Danish

Hey-you-smile-to-me questions:

Do you believe in God if yes, what is your religion? Christian
What is your style? Classic, but then with really trendy elements. I like simple things.
Describe yourself in 3 words? Um.. Ambitious, unfiltered, and driven (I sound really narcissistic)
What your biggest dream? To move to NYC (cliche)
Who is your best actor/actress? Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Actress: Emma Watson
What do you do in your past time? … Internet.
What your favourite band/singer? Band: currently it’s Imagine Dragons. Singer: Ed Sheeran
Tell me about one of your big fear? People recognizing my insecurities.
When was your first kiss and with who? Hasn’t happened :P
What your favourite subject in school and why do you like that? This year it’s civics, because its current, and relevant, and actually necessary for life
Do you believe in love in distance? Yeah, both people just have to really want it

Naturallydazzling questions:

What is your home country?
What countries have you been to outside of that country?
Favorite genre of music?
What accomplishment are you most proud of in your life?
Three things that make you happy?
Best prank you’ve ever pulled?
Biggest turnoff?
What do you like most about yourself?
Biggest what-if?
Strangest talent?
How can someone win your heart?

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