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Full opinion: Xandelia

It was one of the most exciting relationships in the high school years. My sister who was a Bangel fan switched to Xandelia right after their first kiss. They’re attractive together, they fit, they’re fun, their intimate moments are so precious and special…. my only regret is that Xander didn’t realize how much she meant to him until he lost her, and Cordelia couldn’t find it in her heart to forgive him and I don’t blame her. After all the sacrifices she made for this relationship. 

I really hated how the writers broke them up. The Xander/Willow cheating was the weakest plot point of S3. It kinda came out of nowhere and its only purpose was to break Xander and Cordelia up. Honestly, if Cordelia was supposed to leave for LA, the writers could have had the two of them have a healthy break up by the end of S3 - not every break up had to be all dramatic and fugly. 

I also regret that Xander and Cordelia never met again later. I would have loved to see how impressed Cordelia would be of Xander’s financial success (since she used to always mock him about his future) and how impressed Xander would be of her growth (since he always called her shallow). 

That ugly irrelevant dress has taught me...
  • Trayvon Martin would have been 20 by now
  • ISIS has begun to behead captured and innocent children
  • Chapel Hill shooting still isn’t getting the notice they need in the media 
  • Ferguson still isn’t forgotten
  • idiots are willing to sleep on all this important information and would rather get into an argument over a dried up ugly dress

stay woke