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The English Speaking Voice of Tadashi Hamada.

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hi! do you know any creepy dramas like gap dong or dramas that are similar to you're all surrounded, or god gift 14 days

Creepy - at least a little disturbing -  but not necessarily procedural shows (there isn’t many creepy/disturbing k-dramas worth checking, but if you like that genre, korean cinema is the real deal):

If you’re looking for shows a little dark/gripping like Gap Dong or God’s Gift, OCN is THE channel when it comes to this. To list a few:

Closer to You’re All Surrounded (mix of thriller/fantasy/mystery/comedy/romance, etc)

Also, just started  this week, Hidden Identity (tvN) and coming soon My Beautiful Bride (OCN) & KBS’s I remember you.. A little iffy to recommend shows that just started/or will start, but you may want to check these. There’s also a SBS drama in the making called Mrs. Cop and I just love the idea of Kim Hee Ae leading her own squad.

I put a (*) next to my personal favorites, but I tried to make the list as complete as possible so you can have a good idea of what’s available. That being said, that list probably isn’t exhaustive and I likely forgot some in the process. Feel free to add guys!


At the end of #Rain’s 13+ minute interview on Dubai TV show Sabah Al Arabiya today, the reporter spoke English and got him to speak Arabic, haha.^^ Earlier, they talked about Bicycle King Uhm Bok Dong, Full House, The Fugitive: Plan B, Ninja Assassin, The Prince, and a host of other topics including him coming to the Arab world. Loved it. 👍💗 You can find the full interview on our Twitters. (no English subs yet) Enjoy! ^@@^ #rain_oppa #비 #leadingman #koreansuperstar
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Rain speaking Arabic 💚
اللقاء اونلاين والرابط في البايو
Full interview: link in Bio

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Hey guys! We all know that part of what makes Running Man great is all the awesome music in the show.

Our readers have asked SO MANY questions about songs in the show that we can’t possibly answer them all. So, rather than having them sitting in the inbox (which most of them have been doing for months), we need you, our readers, to see if you can identify any of these songs.

Each question has been numbered so it would be great if you could reference the question number in your response.

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