fugitive au

percabeth as fugitives au

based off of @vithcytries‘s interesting dream & fanart

  • it’s percy’s fault they even got to that point in the first place
  • annabeth always understood the vengefulness percy held deep in his heart for gabe ugliano, his ex-stepfather, but never imagined he would act on it
  • when he shows up at her dorm in the middle of the night with a panicked expression, she knows he’s fucked up. too worried for percy to think out what she’s doing thoroughly, she sneaks out of her boarding school with percy in a camaro she’s pretty sure isn’t his.
  • he rushes through the story of what happened as he drives them both up to long island sound, to that beat up cabin on the beach in montauk he and his mom used to stay in for much-needed vacations
  • sally had come home a mess of tears and stress because, apparently, gabe had gone to her work and threatened her for leaving. it had taken years for her to work up the courage to leave, but standing in front of him again, she felt small and kept expecting a hit.
  • blinded by complete rage and fury, he’d gone to gabe’s apartment and… well, he could barely remember what he’d done. he only remembered seeing gabe groaning on the floor and then running as fast as his legs would take him. he learned while running that his knuckles were bleeding.
  • when they get to the cabin, they formulate a plan because there’s no way in hell annabeth is going to lose her scholarship at the school and go back home to her dad and stepmom
  • they gather supplies at the cabin, stuff duffel bags with food and clothes, and decide on names and stories
  • they drive back to the city and ditch the camaro on some farm road on their way back, then run into the woods for cover.
  • a nice old man who lives on the strawberry farm near the beach offers them shelter as a vicious summer storm closes in. they watch him play pinochle with his bitter nephew (and beat him every time) and rest until the storm passes.
  • the man, whose name is chiron, as they learn later in their stay, offers to drive them into the city.
  • when percy asks how he can drive if he’s paralyzed from the waist down, chiron laughs and says, “my eyes have witnessed much change in the last several decades, but i have only your generation to thank for giving me the opportunity to drive again.”
  • after they part with chiron, they realize how alone they are. they’re on their own now, with no money, no help, and no resources.
  • they’re sitting outside a cafe, trying to look inconspicuous even with their duffel bags and downcast eyes, when percy hears his mother’s voice.
  • “-home, percy. please, just come home. i just want to know that you’re safe. if you see this, please come home.” the news cuts back to the news anchor: “police are asking for any tips on this young man whose mother, as you can see, is very distraught. perseus jackson, who was last seen on friday, is wanted for the aggravated assault…”
  • percy tunes the tv out as annabeth nudges his arm, trying to reassure him with their next steps but he’s worried. now, his mom is all alone and worried sick. she holds his hand as a sign of comfort but doesn’t say a word.
  • annabeth realizes it’s not safe to be out in the open when she realizes how many people are looking at them and gets them to their feet, weaving through the crowded new york streets. they duck into an alley and melt into the shadows
  • it hits them how much more careful they need to be, how, now that annabeth’s been spotted with percy too, they’ll both be under constant radar for as long as their faces stay plastered on the news.
  • “i’m scared, annabeth. i don’t want to be alone.” “we’re staying together, okay, percy? you’re not getting away from me.”
  • “promise?”
  • “promise.”
deancas fics that people maybe don't know about but should (part 2)

(part 1 here)


Tempus Fugit


He’s pretty much the Blind Eye symbol, and in the Wizard McGucket au, he’s responsible for taking Fidd’s memories in exchange for giving him pretty sick wizard powers. Basically what went down was, Fidds tracked down a magical artifact to make him forget instead of using/creating the memory gun.

Wizard McGucket au was originally monsterfalls though I think it can go well with other aus too!

thank u laur-rants for suggesting football shape for this lil guy. I was also inspired by notllorstel and pi mo

more shape demons!

Ce nu înțelegeți voi e că muzica aia cu limbaj vulgar pe mine m-a învățat cum să trăiesc. Mi-a arătat cum să rezist indiferent de ce se întâmplă, cum să iubesc și cum să iert. Muzica aia m-a învățat să apreciez persoanele înainte de a le pierde. M-a învățat să mă accept așa cum sunt și să lupt pentru visele și fericirea mea. A fost singura care la un moment-dat a rămas când toți au fugit.
The Price of Freedom: Fugitive AU Closed RP w/ askdannyjamesfenton

Valerie normally took any chance she got to sleep in. It didn’t get to happen often, so she tended to savor those days when she got a few more hours of sleep. So it was of little surprise when she found herself waking up early on a Saturday morning and utterly unable to fall back to sleep that she was feeling a little on the grumpy side.

She rolled over in bed, glancing at the clock. Barely past six, and she’d only gotten about four and a half hour’s sleep. Groaning, she pulled herself out of bed, staggering downstairs and plopping on the couch, turning the TV on. She knew she didn’t have to worry about her Dad, since he had the graveyard shift again tonight, and wouldn’t be home until at least eight this morning.

She was flipping through the channels, when something on the local news channel caught her eye. She turned up the volume, sitting on the edge of her couch as she listened intently.

“This just in! Footage left from an anonymous source definitively exposes the identities of not one, but two of the mysterious figures known to patrol the night skies in hunt of ghosts. In the footage we’re about to show, we all will finally learn the alter ego’s of our own Danny Phantom, as well as the Red Huntress! Here’s the clip!”

Valerie watched in a sort of morbid fascination as the clearly amature video clip caught the end of a ghost fight both she and Danny had been participating in just the other night. The camera person had apparently followed them to the alley they had retreated to once the battle was over, focusing on them for a moment as they spoke, oblivious to their observer. Thankfully, nothing was picked up on audio, but moments later there was the very clear image of both Danny’s transformation, and her dismissal of her suit. The image froze, zooming in on their faces as they were smirking at each other in smug satisfaction of a job well done, Danny holding up the now full thermos.

“That’s right, folks. The identities of these two well known yet mysterious figures belong to none other than a couple of kids that attend our very own Casper High. According to our sources, the girl known as the Red Huntress is actually a student by the name of Valerie Gray, and the well known Danny Phantom, is none other than Daniel Fenton, son of the well known family of ghost hunters!”

“Crap,” Valerie exclaimed in panic as she turned off the television, running to her room and throwing on a clean set of clothes. She grabbed a few things she knew might be needed, tossing them in her backpack, before summoning her suit and jetboard. She flew towards Danny’s house as quickly as she could while sticking mostly to alleyways and shaded areas, avoiding any place where there were people visible. “Crap, crap, crap crap crap. This is not good. This is soooo not good.” As she neared the Fentonworks, she glanced around for any disturbances or onlookers, before aiming for Danny’s window, trying to open it from the outside.

Locked. Just her luck. She peered in through the window, trying to see if Danny were still in his room. She wasn’t sure because of the frost, but it sort of looked like there was still a bulge under the covers of his bed. It wouldn’t have been surprising, since it was still really early in the morning on a weekend.

She tapped lightly on the window at first, then a little more loudly, trying to wake Danny without alerting the whole house. Or the neighborhood in fact. “Come on, Danny… wake up!” She urged under her breath, glancing around to make sure no one noticed her hovering outside his window.

==>Fugitive AU.

The pain was nothing new to you. Even now, as it shot through your body from all kinds of different angles.

Even from the time you were young, you’d known to steer very clear of all other trolls. It was a lonely life, yes, but it kept you alone alive when everyone else failed.

It was the only thing, in fact, that kept this particular meeting from happening until now. Unfortunately, staying away from others meant living on a few scraps every other week or so. You were barely scraping by—and you’d become desperate enough to wander in upon a small hivestem.

But they’d ganged up on a weak troll such as yourself, being the cowards that they were. You smelled different. They smelled of natural things—you smelled of metal and cinnamon.

Fear was their first response, and submission was yours. No worry, though. You’d lived in fear for long enough. Hopefully they would simply put you out of your misery.

That’s when you hear it—a single, clear voice. Each word had a ring to it that you couldn’t help but hear. The voice grew stronger, and, right as you began to slip into unconsciousness, you felt your assailants let up.

Perhaps that voice had gotten to their ears as well.

Loki’s mind was racing as he forced his way through the halls, using magic to repel any guards that came towards him. The Trickster looked not unlike an animal being hunted, eyes wide as he clawed at the back of his mind for memories of hidden passages. Luckily, as beaten and broken as he was, he always had a few tricks up his sleeves.

He took a sudden sharp turn and seemingly disappeared in front of their very eyes. As the guards continued down the hall, Loki collapsed to the floor, struggling for breath. He was still bleeding badly from the torture, laying exhausted and naked on the floor. Gods, he didn’t know if he could go on. Everything hurt. Blood pooled around him from his fresh wounds; he hadn’t slept in over a week. He still didn’t understand why they didn’t just kill him.

But he finally forced himself to his feet, using magic to summon a simple cloak to him, just enough to cover his body and hide his identity on the off chance a servant knew of these halls. But he doubted it. He only knew of two that knew of the existence of these halls; himself and the one who had shown him the way to them. Frigga.

Slowly, he limped down the hall, hearing the commotion in the main hallways and ignoring it. But as he heard someone nearby, he froze, eyes widening. Without a second thought, he summoned a dagger to his hand and spun around the corner to face the other, dagger at the ready.


As the word left his lips, the dagger dropped to the floor and he took a slow step back. 

Fugitive AU - with celestial-lady

Natsu sped through the town. Scared. Fear ran down his face, it was easy to tell he was in a dire situation. His eyes darted around the streets. Brown optics searching for something. Anything. Anyone. Anyone he knew would be sufficient support. That was when his eyes locked with a certain blonde’s. Lucy. In an instant, he grabbed her arm, and ran out to the town

“I-I’ll e-explain later, b-but for now, w-we have t-to go!”