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I feel like revealing myself, but only half way. Patches (me) is Fuggernaut. I kept trying to tell you that I wasn't a dude on the proanamia chat. You guys: "He (insert something you said about me)." Me: "Odd how you think I'm a he (and similar things like that)." Anyways. Some of you are absolutely wretched, but amusing as fuck. Thanks for the memes, and your music is good. ---Fuggy. Ps. I'm much more fucked up than you give me credit for.

This is such a mind fuck omg. I don’t think there’s anything I can say other than WE ALREADY KNOW YOU ARE A GIRL, but idk we just think ‘Fuggernaut’ sounds manly, that’s why we refer to you as a guy.

Enjoy your memes, Fuggy!!