All The Band Members! - A Fanfic

Chapter One - Fuenciado

“Dear Vic, play a show with Sleeping With Sirens. Love ponytailgirl64," 
"So many tweets about this band, should we go for it?” Jaime asked, reading the thousand other tweets requesting the same thing.
“Yeah, I mean why not?” I tried to contain my excitement, but how could I when I’m so close to meeting Kellin Quinn himself? “I’ll tweet him now, see if he’s interested,” I grasped my phone tight, clenching my fists trying to figure out what to say. I punched in, “@Kellin Quinn Yo. Let’s create something beautiful. Hmu.”
I sighed deeply, my face feeling hot, and I could feel the warm smile slowly spreading. Jaime gave me a skeptical look. “Vic…” he got up from his chair and sat next to me. “Do you, uh have a thing for Kellin…?” his bright brown eyes grew dim, and his face fell and drooped like a basset hound. 
“No Jaime, you know you’re the only one for me,” I took his face in my hands, and softly ran my fingers through his hair. He smiled, and planted a big one on me. My heart fluttered as I kissed him hard. We moved backwards on the couch, him on top of me. He kissed my neck., and made my breathing speed up. I reminded myself of a cats purr. He unbuttoned my shirt with quick nimble fingers tips. With each button he undid, he’d kiss my chest. When my shirt was completely undone, he locked his lips, and kissed my stomach, all the way down to my pant line. He unbuttoned my jeans with his teeth. With his teeth! His hand ran across my growing buldge, and I let out a deep gasp. He smiled even wider, as he yanked my jeans off. I took his hair in my hand and lightly tugged on it while he began to place his lips on my penis. He licked from the base to the tip at least four times before going all the way in. I sat up enough to thrust into his throat; his head bobbed back and forth. “Ohh…” I whispered. This was absolutely great, how does he knowm exactly what makes me go crazy?
It didn’t take too long for me to finish, and when I did I let out the most exasperating moan I have ever made. Jaime swallowed then took a swig of beer. I looked up from pulling on my pants to find him smirking at me. 
“We gotta start writing this for Kellin, looks like he’s all in!" 
My heart fluttered again. I stumbled for my phone and read, ”@VicFuentes Hell yeah bro!!“