Stalking beginnings

A piercing sound fills my ears, as I feel the pool of saliva against my mouth and my vision is coming into focus. Damn. My fingers fumble to fix my frames, the blood rushing to my head as I sit up. South Glenbrook High School must have the most vexatious bell in the entire state.

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how would you describe yours and mr. sandman's relationship?

Have you ever felt as if every part of you is going in a different direction? That is how to explain my relationship with Mr. Sandman. He is the only one that my psychological manipulation does not accurately work on. The Doctor loathes him. In the past, I saw Mr. Sandman in my dreams. His presence would be there, especially when I expected it the least. He pushes, I pull. We both have done unmentionable actions. His distances himself because of the Doctor. I have a hunch the Doctor has kept him away. 

This is why I have to use visitors to release the build up inside. If I did not, I would become mad. 

The Kid Was Alright - Part 1

The Kid Was Alright
Eventual Peterick (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump)
Words: around 2,600
Summary: Pete Wentz is Senior in high school. A soccer jock, popular, comes from a great family. He’s also clinically depressed. Maybe it’s the feeling he gets when it’s night time and he’s all alone with his thoughts or the dreams he has, but the depression is real and the suburban monotonous blanket is threatening to swallow him whole. He puts on a good face though, he really does. He controls it. For now.

Patrick, the new kid at school is bullied to the max, by the kids and his parents. Pete learns about Patrick’s recent suicide attempt as he jogs by one morning, and now he just can’t help but stick his nose in Patrick’s business. Little does he know he’s going to find more than a friend in Patrick Stump.

Notes: So. This would be my first attempt at writing a fan fiction. I suck at summaries. Um. I hope you like it. I guess it’s going to have chapters if people like it…enjoy(: Oh, and they will end up forming Fall Out Boy :D

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is this blog inactive now? if you guys have stuff to do and you're just too busy i totally get it. just curious

this blog will literally never be inactive so long as we are still in existence


patrick has been in school and taking a hell of a lot more classes than last semester so the laptop is being used 95% of the time on college work

dont worry my mobile google docs is still up and running. we just got back home from memphis too. i have a few days off so maybe we will be able to get something written and posted before say Wednesday?

dont quote me but we will try. its been a weird dry spell. a lot of personal dramatic stuff has been in effect. 

is every body still with us? 

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how did you meet mr sandman?

Somnium. “A dream." 

It is hard to believe it was anything but reality. Before he, the only sleep I could bear was the blacking out of the doctor. I am getting off track, my apologies. It was in a moment I was losing touch, as I do. The slender legs and dark appearance dulled the race in my hands. The collar was something I imagined a monarchy to fashion. He was a prince, with his hand extended without hesitation.  The carousel seemed to be spinning faster than usual that day, but in this moment it stopped. He murmured something inaudible, and I feel into an abyssal slumber. Only if I could recalled what he expressed…

These people are amazing so you should follow them. They are really amazing blogs and they mean a lot to me  :D If you like my blog you will really like theirs too <3















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Who's around atm? Who am I speaking to?

Benzedrine, of course. 

The Doctor will make himself known, he always does. (That is simply what we call him). Sometimes it is unclear why he does. Otherwise, there is a clear and regretful purpose. I hope you do not get in his way or for that matter, anyone else. It is only a matter of time before he slithers his way out. I will be absent, and you my dears will only be dreams. 

It is to be noted that the doctor will not be as…educated in such ways as his name applies, (or this is what I am told). My extension of all medical does not apply to my counterpart. Be aware, his total grasp on situations is unclear.