WeedPornDaily is Selling Fake HUF Socks

Many stoners on Tumblr follow or have heard of weedporndaily , and know they have been selling “HUF Plantlife” socks at $10 a pair for some months now. I bought a pair for a friend and another for my girlfriend for Christmas:

Upon further inspection, I noticed the “hemp” leaf on my socks looked different, and they were noticeably thinner. The stock on the leaf for authentic HUF socks is curved to the side, while my socks had a straight stem:

authentic HUF socks have a little saying about who makes them and where they are from on the back. My socks did not have this.

Besides the thickness of HUF socks (which I really appreciate), the best way to tell if they are real is if they have HUF written on the inside of the sock liner, like below, but with only “HUF”:

You’ll notice my socks did not have that, were noticeably thinner, and made of lesser quality material.

Below is a picture of an Ebay seller distributing the same socks WPD has for $1.93 a pair. That is a huge mark up at $10! They may not have received their socks this cheaply from a/this wholesaler, but this shows how much the socks they sell are worth.

Yes, weedporndaily is allowed to sell these socks and not tell you they are fake, but as they are a tumblr which receives constant praise for being fair, intelligent, informative, and helpful, I think their practice should be noted. I have found no place on there website where it states their socks are not authentic. Assuming that consumers know their product is a knock-off, solely based on the fact it is listed as less than typical retail price for authentic HUF socks, is wrong. Not stating you sell knock-offs is wrong; not legally, but morally, especially if you reach a large amount of consumers on tumblr.

I would not have taken the time to write this had they not ignored my attempt to address this fact. This was the 3rd message I sent to WPD, which along with the similarly-toned first two, received no response (all messages were respectful):

Like I said, I know they can and will continue to sell these socks, and will probably not acknowledge this post, but I am writing this in hopes that you and those who read it will share and re-blog so people do not continue to be misled and buy socks from them.

Bottom line: You should shell out the extra $2 to get real HUF socks which will last longer, keep you warmer, and are made in America. I fucking hate skeezy business practices. don’t say you’re selling HUF socks if you know they are not HUF socks, or ignore people when they call you on your shit.