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FicWriter’s Week - Day 7


Day 7||Spread The Word||The Flash and The Flame series

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The Flash and The Flame series has been my labor of love since October of 2014 and is still going. The series are fanfic novelizations of CW’s The Flash with fire metahuman Cadence Nash joining Team Flash but with secrets of her own. It currently has four stories and is up to season 3.

Flash Fire - Barry Allen: The Flash, the beacon of hope for Central City who will do whatever it takes to find the man who killed his mom. Cadence Nash: Fire meta-human, teen mom with a now eight year old son, who is trying to kill The Flash. What?. With secrets and lies abound it’s hard to figure out the truth. The Flash is about to get burned. Barry/OC slow burn. -S1-

Crossfire - After defeating the Suicide Squad Barry turns to face the Man in Yellow. Add in the Rogues and a mysterious BlackFlash and Barry is struggling to keep ahead of the chaos. Cadence is caught in the crossfire of resentment and revenge. Her only option to fall back to her old ways; she may betray Barry again. Barry/OC slowburn. -S1-

Fuel to the Fire - After the singularity Barry struggles to move on in all areas of his life but may be too late. Cadence has full control of her powers but an unforeseen tragedy fans the flames of her inner turmoil. And while working to stop Zoom Barry and Cadence continue to grow closer bringing new meaning to ‘love is friendship set on fire’. Barry/OC! -S2-

Friction - Barry thought saving his mom would fix his life; but Flashpoint made things worse. His best friend is doomed to die. Cadence thought she could handle the Assassination Bureau’s plan. But what’s harder; your rival being your best friend or knowing the impending destruction of the world is your fault? -S3- Barry/OC

and an added bonus, my new Christmas story.

Snowglobes and Mistletoe - It’s time for the annual Ramon Christmas party and Cisco needs a date. They know Caitlin’s just his friend and he needs to convince them she’s not. So she agrees to be his fake girlfriend for the party. Too bad they soon can’t tell the difference themselves.