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astro interpretations ☾☾☼ 04.06

sun in libra in the 8th house- vital energies focused on the beauty of darkness, in which the native feels freed, and free to ask the questions no one dares to. tendency to seek understanding when it comes to the occult, taboos, mystical

sun in scorpio in the 12th house- a loner’s placement, scorpio finds peace of mind in seclusion. vital energies focused around helping others understand to evolve, like a psychologist. conscious tendency to absorb the moods of others

moon in libra in the 5th house- emotional need for company when you’re having fun, it’s never as good when you’re alone. tremendous playfulness. feelings are filtered through the intellect but they must be expressed (rationally)

moon in leo in the 6th house- emotional need for pleasure in your work. this suggests a workaholic mentality as long as you’re passionate about your job. fiery determination to complete tasks, to be useful, and efficient

mars in virgo in the 8th house- analytical expressions of anger and desire, you are fueled by rational purposes but there’s a compulsive thirst to experience passion in its most pure form. you’re motivated by unsolved mysteries 

venus in libra in the 11th house- Love of humanitarian ideals. you’re drawn to groups or organizations where you can belong to & art which translates the feelings of a generation, the need for progress, equal rights and justice

venus in capricorn in the 5th house- Love of self-expression. even if it’s not spontaneous. tendency to establish long term romantic goals, you’re drawn to successful people who can make you relax, you overindulge in duty

jupiter in libra in the 11th house- you believe in a just world, and you want to make this happen by collaborating with others and understanding them. you’ll never give up hope even if humanity doesn’t seem right to you 

saturn in taurus in the 1st house- resting bitch face or an air of seriousness. you view life through realistic, practical lenses but this is an excessively stubborn nature. you have trouble when it comes to expressing yourself

The Vampire Diaries: Lorenzo [ENTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Enzo has a plan for everything. When he first meets Damon, he decides to bring him into his scheme to take only a tiny bit of the blood ration, to fuel the other vampire up so that he can break them both out of captivity. After finally breaking out, years later, Enzo still always has a plan and is always shifting others and himself in that direction, even if his prime focus is one of revenge. He has a blunt way of assessing situations and handling them, in the quickest method possible – snapping necks if he has to, and sometimes if he doesn’t.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): He is extremely good at reading other people and seeing their hidden potential; he figures out Caroline has a thing for Stefan after only a short period of interacting with her; he realizes Damon’s potentials and hidden weaknesses. Enzo is good at seeing how little things fit into a bigger picture, and using sharp focus of his desire for a future event to help him plan how to get there. Enzo isn’t afraid to set long term goals and work tediously toward them (planning his escape a year in advance, figuring out how to use a distant cousin to hurt Stefan, etc).

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Opportunistic and sometimes tending to go overboard in his pursuit of pleasures, Enzo wastes no time in getting what he wants – in decapitating a witch from the doorway, in threatening Damon and Stefan’s friends, etc. He often gets caught up in what’s going on around him, but rarely undermines his long-term goals for short-term pleasures. He’s reactive in his environment and rarely caught off guard completely.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Rather than deal with his feelings, Enzo prefers to get revenge. He hurts other people in his quest to target and punish the people who have disappointed, betrayed, or hurt him and the few people he cares about. But he rarely opens up or allows others insights into his feelings.

[There’s an energy, when you hold me. when you touch me…It’s so powerful]


Bang My head - David Guetta ft Sia. Firestone - Kygo ft Conrad. Fuel to the Fire - Rational.Galaxies - Owl City. | Gotten - Slash ft Adam L.Headlights - Robin Schulz ft Ilsey.Heartbreak - Blasterjaxx | Knights of Cydonia - Muse.Locked Away - R City ft Adam L. | Powerful - Major Lazer | What if this storm ends? - Snow Patrol | 

EXTRA: La vuelta al Mundo - Calle 13




The bridge was empty this late in the night. It usually was, since the night was when Tarn slowly patrolled the ship before he recharged. He came to a stop a distance from the throne and sank to his knees, confident in his subservience.

“The ship is running smoothly,” he reported slowly, “the troops report better performance and morale after my personal sessions with them. Fuel rations appear adequate for the foreseeable future. Is there anything else you need, my lord?”