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Zodiac Signs as Feelings

Aries: the little surge of confidence when you win an award and you can’t stop grinning 

Taurus: the serenity and chill vibes you get when you’re surrounded by nature

Gemini: the relief of remembering something you thought you’d forgotten

Cancer: the funny feeling you get when you’ve had a lot to drink and you can feel it sloshing around

Leo: the pride you feel when you get named as captain or another leadership position

Virgo: the extra clean feeling you get when you put on freshly washed clothes after a shower

Libra: the luxurious warmth of petting a super soft furred cat

Scorpio: the intensity of no-space-between cuddles

Sagittarius: the adrenaline fueled freedom of sneaking out for the first time

Capricorn: the smoothness of freshly shaved legs on fresh bed sheets

Aquarius: the lonely content of sitting somewhere alone, looking over a city of lights

Pisces: the innocence of holding someones hand while walking down the street

As much as I want Lavellan to run off with Solas and become a god herself, I’ve realized that something that i definitely don’t want is her title as a god to be solely “Fen'Harel’s Queen.” I want her to have her own title, I want her to be her own god.

Of what? Well I have thought about that, and, if Solas is the God of Rebellion, what do you rebel to gain? What is the need that fuels a rebellion? 


aries people are animated, rejuvenating, replenishing. their personalities are bright as the sun and colourful as a pastel rainbow. the future is a glowing light in the aries mind, a place they are willing to charge forward for with dream catchers as jet fuel. they cherish their freedom and refuse to be told. it’s not so much that aries are stubborn, they just prefer to have a personal experience to call upon