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DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale)
Hip-Hop dancer Keith in full body glory during his audition in Part 1. (¬ ‿ ¬)

Ballet Team Head (a.k.a. Keith’s crush): State your name and desired group.
Keith: Keith Kogane. The Street Team. Redbubble Shop

I think I figured out part of what bothers me about a lot of the set-up in in The Clone Wars:  The Jedi seem to get blamed for what’s actually the fault of the Senate.

The Jedi are beholden to the Senate, they’re the governing body and the Jedi work for them.  They’re not allowed to go free the slaves on Tatooine unless the Senate gives the order.  And I don’t recall a single instance of a Senator arguing to go free the slaves.  Padme, despite her life being saved by Shmi on Tatooine, I have never seen her argue to the Senate (who are the ones who would have that authority) to go free them.

And, for another example, the Jedi are not allowed to do anything about the clones, because the clones are beholden to the Republic/the Senate as well. The Jedi work with them, they command them, but the clones are not the Jedi’s property (ugh, that word), they’re the Senate’s.  When the Senate votes to order more clones from Kamino?  When the Senate votes to revoke restrictions on the banking clan so that they can borrow more money to buy more clones?

That’s not the Jedi, that’s the Senate.

And, sure, you could argue that the Jedi should just leave the Republic rather than be beholden to the Senate (which is a process that would have taken years), but then how would they have supported themselves?  They had food bills, starship bills, fuel bills, clothing bills, etc.  Should they now charge people when they went to help them? Should they make it a setup where only the rich could afford the Jedi’s help? Should they just not be peacekeepers at all anymore?

Let’s also say the Jedi had refused to fight–how very, very easy would it have been for Palpatine to say, look at the Jedi, unwilling to fight!  They call themselves peacekeepers and yet refuse to fight for us!  Why, what are they planning?  They have all this power, what are they waiting for? and have people’s paranoia overtake them.

I feel like sometimes… what Palpatine did was really insidious on even more than just a canon level.  Even in the narrative, sometimes it feels like the Jedi were responsible for things that they actually had no control over and that’s exactly what Palpatine wanted, to be able to discredit them and put them in an unwinnable position.

The Jedi aren’t perfect, of course they’re not.  They were out of touch and they had grown stagnant and while it’s admirable in theory to be super objective (their code isn’t about denying you have feelings, but about being objective, that “no emotion” means you put yourself outside of it so you can make the most rational decisions/see things as objectively as possible) needed to evolve. But they weren’t given a whole lot of choices in the time they had and they made the best ones they could out of some bad situations and the tragedy of the PT (which is all about tragedy) is that it wasn’t enough to save them.


I already know that within 10 minutes of the clothing video being posted, Phil in twenty different outfits is going to be gif-ed, screenshotted, digitally and mechanically drawn, and there will be at least 6 blogs with the user somehow correlating to the video or what was said in the video. And thats all will be on my feed for weeks.

And honestly i dont mind

A Bunch of Saigenos AUs

Just what it says on the tin, friends.

Artificial Intelligence AU 
A breakthrough in artificial intelligence results in the development of a new state of the art synthetic mind known colloquially as GENOS. He is, altogether, a scientific masterpiece far superior in intelligence and mental capacity than any human could ever hope to become. That is why it becomes quite a shock to others when he takes a particular interest in Saitama, a rather bland and boring janitor who works in the building Genos is housed in. 

Coffee Shop AU (because why the fuck not) 
Genos works at a coffee shop near his college to help pay bills (despite the fact that Dr. Kuseno has insisted that Genos doesn’t need to pay for anything). He just so happens to have a crush on a man a few years older than him who always, without fail, comes to get coffee at 3 pm on the dot. Genos’ nerves often get the better of him and he rarely says a word to the man. However, all that changes when, after locking up the shop for the night, Genos finds him bleeding out in the alley behind the building.  

Hitman/Assassin AU
Genos and Saitama are two of the world’s best hitmen. When either one is hired to take out a target, you already know they’re going to succeed. They’ve crossed paths before, several times at that, and they each harbor a rather…professional distaste towards the other. However, when both find themselves trapped on an island after the same target, a little “friendly” competition ensues.       

Tangled AU (courtesy of @that-bi-blerd)  
As a baby, the prince of a nearby kingdom, Genos, is kidnapped for the healing properties associated with his hair. He spends his life growing up in the confines of a tower wishing to one day leave and watch a spectacular display of lights he sees once a year. After accidentally being accused of stealing a crown from the royal family, the thief Saitama goes on the run and ends up stumbling across Genos’ tower in the forest.

Superman AU (courtesy of a lovely anon)
Saitama just so happens to be a superhero on the side, the superhero that protects Z-City and all surrounding areas. He often enough stumbles upon a passionate and reckless reporter known as Genos who likes to stick his hands where he shouldn’t. Usually, he ends up getting into troublesome situations on his mission to uncover crime and expose the corruption within Z-City. Saitama typically has to save him and they usually end up having the oddest conversations. As it turns out, Genos has an amazing sense of humor.    

Space Cowboy AU (brought to you by that same beautiful anon)
A la Cowboy Bebop. Kinda. Saitama owns his own space ship and he usually planet hops to get the best sales on various things like food, fuel, and clothes. He travels so much that he’s started transporting people for a price. That is how he meets Genos, a young man whose family was killed by a mad bandit. Genos asks him to take him to the bandit’s last known location, a planet right on the edge of charted space. With the amount of money he’s willing to pay, it would have been foolish for Saitama to refuse. 

College AU
Saitama, a psychology professor, catches the eye of a recent transfer student, a junior by the name of Genos. He’s had students have one-sided crushes on him before and he was able to handle them accordingly. But this time he finds the attraction to be mutual despite his best efforts to ignore his feelings. A very hard attempt at professionalism keeps him from doing anything that would jeopardize his job but Genos doesn’t make it an easy thing to do when he just so happens to be in the neighborhood whenever Saitama has his office hours each day. It all seems to explode in his face one weekend when he decides to go to a nightclub with his friend only to spot Genos with his own friends on the other side of the club.

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For the TFP Decepticons reacting to discovering they have a human daughter with their deceased human S/O and how they would tell their child that their their father could you please do Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout, and Shockwave please thank you again

Megatron (TFP): He almost didn’t recognize the resemblance at first; why should he pay attention to a lowly, pre-formed insect? But when he does, he becomes enraged. You had the audacity to start a family, one that could have been his, and then go and leave not only him, but the child alone. He wouldn’t be able to bring himself to look at the child again (they remind him too much of you), much less tell them he was their father.

Starscream (TFP): He honestly doesn’t know what to think about it. You hadn’t told him you had a child. Had you been cheating on him? Obviously it’s not his, DNA and CNA are not compatible. He’d grow to resent them, and if he had to interact with them, he’d be cold and indifferent.

Soundwave (TFP): He’d be the only one to have known about the child before your death. You had never outright told him, and that saddened him, but it was easy for him to notice your increased fuel intake and looser clothes before he never saw you again. He’d be careful when introducing himself. He knows it’s not the best idea to let them live with him, but he couldn’t possibly live with himself knowing that he left your child, his child, to fend for themselves.

Knockout (TFP): He’s almost offended that you hadn’t told him about the child before your death, but trusts you would’ve told him if you had lived longer. He’d be happy to see that the child has your dashing good looks, a reminder that you live on in spirit. He’d take them under his wing if they didn’t have anywhere to go.

Shockwave (TFP): He’d be in disbelief at first. You had a child and never told him? It just seemed out of character, illogical. But the resemblance was undeniable. He wouldn’t tell them that he was their father; given his long hours of isolated work, he wasn’t in a position to raise a child. He would tell them stories about their mother, though, and that he was a very good friend of hers’.

Under Dim Lights (NSFW)

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The sheer tension traveling under the rippling muscles causes your heart to drop, his skin burning hot under the care of your nimble fingers.

It seemed that lately, the nights had gotten rougher, leaving him bruised and beaten, but determined to make things right. To make Gotham city safe.

He owed you that.

He owed it to Jason, too.

Bruce’s jaw clenches as soon as his lost son reaches his mind, the wound of Jason’s death having never really healed. He didn’t want it to. He couldn’t let it heal.

How could he? All of it was his fault. If he’d been here that day, maybe…

The sting of antiseptic grazing his battered shoulder pulls him out of his thoughts and, with a hiss, Bruce’s eyes meet yours. The unhidden affection he sees in them always manages to make him feel lightheaded - like he’s floating above the ground, and he can’t get enough.

God, could he ever get enough.

Letting his fingers dance across your cheek, he watches you smile, your own, much smaller hand coming up to lay over his; its wedding ring gleaming under the dim lights of the dining room.

“Baby, you really need to relax.” your voice is quiet; a murmur, really, grazing his eardrums and tugging at his heartstrings. He knows you’re worried. After all, who wouldn’t be?

And Bruce really wishes he could make things better. He wishes he could give you something to hold on to, to give you the life you deserve to live. But he can’t. No, he is but a man; caught up in his vision of a better world.

The light caress of your lips against the hard planes of his stomach sends jolts of warmth straight to his heart, Bruce’s eyes wandering over your face for a brief moment before he leans his head back, allowing you to do as you please and giving in to the temptation that is you.

His belt falls to the floor with a clatter but Bruce doesn’t mind; not when you’re touching him like that, your hands kneading their way up his stomach and then back down to the zipper of his jeans, movements calculated and tender. His breath hitches when you pull it down, thumbs rubbing circles onto his tip through his clothes, further fueling his desire. The warmth of his body increases, becoming scorching hot, evolving into something much more primal, something that pushes aside all of his thoughts only to replace them with you and only you.

His mind takes some time to register the way his pants and underwear pool around his ankles and once it does, it’s already too late, and your hands have already wrapped themselves around his cock, taking the breath right out of his lungs. A low, rumbling moan escapes the back of his throat once your lips join your fingers in a dance around him, the feeling causing his hands to clench by his sides, knuckles turning white.

And when your tongue rubs its way down, your pretty lips wound tight around his tip, Bruce thinks he might die right then. Shuddering, he lets his hips rise up, watching as you take more of him, more of what he can offer. The callouses on his fingertips scrape against your forehead when he scrambles up to hold your hair, bottom lip trapped between his teeth and eyes darker than the night sky.

He’s so unawarely beautiful, so very genuine in that moment it makes your heart ache, longing for his salvation. For a way to make him feel better than he ever could.

It’s under the dim lights that he comes, panting and arching and having never felt so alive.

It’s under the dim lights that he whispers a raspy “I love you”, meaning it with every fiber of his being.

It’s under the dim lights that he finds hope, hope that it will get better, and that everything will turn out to be alright.

And as he stares into your eyes, Bruce caves in, and lets himself believe.

Believe in a happy ending.

The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… When it’s Time to Capture a Dragon.

Meet the Systems Engineering Simulator. Upon entering the darkened dome one can forget for a moment the actual world isn’t floating overhead. This space can contain a physical Space Station mock-up cupola (like the picture below) an Orion crew station mock-up, or a multi-mission space exploration vehicle mock-up. It is a hybrid of virtual reality and physical structure. Perfect for practicing the rendezvous (approach) and capture. It is in this dome where we are trained to capture the capsules launched from Earth to station that come bearing gifts like food, clothing, and fuel.

So what’s the deal with these visiting cargo vehicles? Where in the world are they coming from and why do they all have different names?

The simple answer is that these cargo-carrying vehicles are a form of currency in the spaceflight world. Building a vehicle and loading it with materials to supply the crew is a part of the international agreement of participation. For the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and the European Space Agency (ESA), their vehicles are the HTV (H-II Transfer Vehicle) and ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle), respectively. ESA’s ATVs have delivered cargo to the station and docked to the Russian segment using their docking system. During Expedition 16, Yuri and I monitored the first approach and docking of the ATV to ISS.  Reminds me a bit of an X wing fighter from Star wars.

Progress is a capsule provided by the Russian Space Agency (RSA).  It is launched on a Soyuz rocket, similar to the Soyuz rockets that launch the astronauts to station. A progress will commonly remain for a few months until the next Progress is about to launch. During this time docked to the station, after unloading all the valuable cargo, the capsule is filled with trash that will burn upon re-entry.

In addition, after Shuttle retirement, the US has purchased additional cargo carriers from Space X and Orbital.  The capsule called Dragon comes from Space X. It is the only capsule that returns to ground, bearing scientific return samples or critical hardware from station.  Cygnus is a capsule launched by Orbital.  

Multiple of these capsules can be mated to the station at the same time.  In the Dome, we practice for the arrival and capture, using the Canadian robotic arm, of HTV, Cygnus and Dragon.

These capsules are essential because they are the lifeline between the astronauts and the Earth. When something happens to a capsule, the crew onboard shares their supplies. However, important items like a lost spacesuit are irreplaceable.

Jeff Tuxhorn, widely known as Tux, was a Shuttle rendezvous trainer and has since become the rendezvous instructor for HTV, Cygnus and Dragon. We have the visual out the window view to illustrate the approaching vehicle (it looks big when it is coming at you!), as well as multiple camera views to monitor during the capture.

During Expedition 5 and 16, I helped install large truss elements that now hold the solar arrays.  We also maneuvered a whole module to “rearrange” our living volume (we had to wait for Shuttle departure to put it in its proper place). At that time we didn’t have any visiting cargo vehicles like these currently resupplying station. And more importantly, there was no cupola when I was last on station, but now I get to enjoy the view from here!

Do you want more stories?  Find our NASA Villagers here!

How I Know the Gods: Hestia

Though I haven’t had too many interactions with her, I believe its worth making a “How I Know the Gods” about her. Hestia is a very warm presence, and honestly gives off a motherly feel. She wishes for people to be happy, and protected.

Hestia has very crafty habits, or hobbies I suppose they could be called. From baking and cooking to making or fixing clothing, Hestia will gladly come and help make your house feel like a home and liven the mood of any family oriented gathering you may be having, be you anxious or excited when she comes to help you out you’ll feel a certain ease that can only come from this pleasant goddess. She has a very heart-warming presence and personality, with just the right amount of sass to keep things interesting.

When asked for help, she’s of course willing to give it. Depending on what she wants or needs, or what she doesn’t, Hestia is willing to help either just because its simply the right thing to do, or to get a few supplies out of the deal to fuel baking or clothing making. She never asks for more than what she needs though, and always makes sure she still helps regardless of what she can or can’t get from it.

When it comes to her family, she very much wishes to take care of them. Whether she’s being Aunt Hestia or fussing over her siblings well being, she seems particularly fond of mothering Zeus with his reckless ways. Regardless though of who she’s interacting with and why, to Hestia family is family, and she will make them feel loved and cherished.

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I hope she’s doing well. Also the fandom. Have my very apologetic (but was very fun doing) baby yam yams

Also can I just say that yams needs MORE LOVE. PLEASE.

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Rev. Harry Powell was straight-up nightmare fuel in preacher's clothes: I don't think a film character has ever instilled such creeps in me during a movie! My only question is: Is Robert Mitchum scarier here than in 'Cape Fear'? Or is his character in that film worse?

Originally posted by thelightestdarkness

Powell is scary because of how he’s so easily able to deceive people regarding his true nature. I always feel so sorry for Willa when she marries him; his emotional abuse of her is so chilling, the way he makes her feel ashamed of her sexuality and her own self-image. Everyone treats him like he’s so nice because he’s charming and can quote Scripture, but the monster he really is creeps out from time to time. Like that moment where he’s in the strip joint, glowering dangerously up at the performer on stage and then he compulsively unfurls his switchblade in his pocket, tearing his pants open—that’s just unsettling and gives you a taste of the violence within him.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Cape Fear—though I so want to, in no small part due to Mitchum. It looks eerie and I’ve heard it’s one of the best “Hitchcock without Hitchcock” movies.

  • Me: *listens to Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off*
  • Brendon: exchanging body heat in the passenger seat...
  • Me: NO brendon plz not now
  • Brendon: no no no you know it will always just be me
  • Me: *slams hand on nearest object screaming* LETS GET THESE TEEN HEARTS BEATING FASTER FASTER
  • Mom: ....
  • Me: shit