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Hurricane Thundercloud

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Warnings: Character death, hospitals, mentions of needles and tubes stuck into the human body, blood, slight gore, explosions, pain and heartbreak. ANGST AND TRAGEDY.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N This is a song based oneshot.

Word count: 2045

Based on this song


Albeit the circumstances, Bucky was in a somewhat spaced out feel.

The hospital wing was too clean, too pristine. The smell of antiseptics and latex gloves drowning him and making him gag. The white walls made him feel alienated, blinded and, most of all, scared. It was the sixth night of barely any sleep, the dark rims around his eyes made him look undead, his hands were shaking in his lap.

It was an accident. It should have never happened.


I wish that I had known in

That first minute we met

The unpayable debt

That I owed you


You were walking along with your cardboard coffee cup in hand, the sound of millions of footsteps in New York echoing around you as you tried to navigate to the nearest gym.

You looked up to see a tall figure walking past a group of young men, they provoked him, asking for his wallet, they were being ridiculous, the man was much taller, stronger. You watched from a couple yards away as one of the thugs reached into his back pocket for a small stanley knife. It was only a matter of milliseconds before you began sprinting up towards the group shouting ‘Stop! Stop! He has a weapon!!!’

Onlookers gasped as the thug went to lunge for the tall person in front. The man easily dodged his blade and kicked the boy in the stomach, sending him flying across the path. The other fled before they could risk the large boot.

“Excuse me, Sir? Are you okay?” You asked quietly, you got a full view of his face then, his eyes were icy blue and his lips full, his jaw was sharp and you could tell he was built like a super soldier.

“Yes Ma’am, thank you for warning me.” Bucky said, looking at the small woman in front of him, he knew the gang had weapons, but he was grateful that someone, a total stranger, could see it coming too.

“You’re welcome, may I ask your name?” He asked, timidly.

“It’s Y/N, and yourself?”

“Bucky, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N, you saved my life.”


Because you’d been abused

By the bone that refused you

And you hired me

To make up for that


“Well, you can make up for that, would you care to accompany me to the nearest gym?”

“Of course, Ma’am-”

“Please- call me Y/N.”

The walk to the gym had started a whole new chapter in your life. You were somewhat glad the gang was there that day, or else you wouldn’t have met the love of your life.

30th of October, 2016, 8:28 AM.

You peeled your eyes open, the dim lighting of the sun between the willowy blinds emitting soft lines around the grey coloured room. You turned to look at the alarm on the nightstand, the large numbers reading 8:30 AM.

You proceeded to shift out from under the covers when an arm squeezed you back to a hard chest. The familiar scent of aftershave and coal tar soap invading your nostrils.

“C’mon baby, move, some people work for a living.” The soft smile on Bucky’s face gave away that he was, indeed, awake,his strong arms holding you against his firm torso. “Okay, I get it; you’re holding me hostage.”

You pressed a soft kiss to the tip of his nose as he mumbled ‘we work at the same place’

“Not the point, sleeping beauty. I have training with Sam and Natasha at nine o’clock, I have twenty minutes, now scoot before I tickle you.” Bucky groaned heavily with a pout as he loosened his grip from your waist.

You slipped out from under the heated duvet, the cool morning air making goosebumps raise on the soft skin of your body. You prepared to wince as your bare feet made contact with cold hard flooring, but was greeted with the fuzzy texture of a carpet. You didn’t sleep on your side of the bed last night, so that was a pleasant surprise.

After relieving yourself, having a wash and brushing your teeth, you slipped on some lightweight sports gear and filled up your water bottle for the day’s training, you headed over to Bucky’s still resting form and straddled his waist.

“Hnnng, I thought you were supposed to be going by now?” Bucky mumbled, sloppily resting his hands on your hips.

“I only wanted to give you a good morning kiss!” You chuckled. You heard the tranquil sounds of the bird outside your window, and a small smile tugged your mouth upwards.

“C’mere then you big baby,” Bucky mumbled, pulling your face down to his. You broke the kiss before he could deepen it, and bid your temporary farewell.

10:30 AM.

DPV, formally known as the Desert Patrol Vehicle, salvaged from an abandoned 1982 Army Barracks. Renovated by Agent 4623/Y/L/N. Last MOT passed as of 8/24/16.

4th driving test track surrounding the compound. Driver: Agent 4623.

You signed the paperwork once again to your dismay. You were the legal owner of this dune buggy and you STILL had to sign confidentiality papers and whatnot. You had driving practice with Natasha at this time of the week, you both went onto the fourth track set around the compound. It was fun, the most fun exercise a person could have, and the exhilaration and speed gave you an adrenaline rush.

You were in the garage when the smell of petroleum became incredibly strong, the stench made you gag and you checked every fuel cap on all 37 vehicles, including your own, for the source. Nothing showed up, though you were weary, you buckled in and revved the engine.

You didn’t even get out of the garage when the sound of screeching metal and explosions happened right behind you. Your buggy was on fire and you scrambled out of your seat and ran for safety.

You got 9 yards outside before the explosion increased tenfold, shrapnel and different types of liquid flew everywhere. You felt an excruciating pain in your ribs and looked down to see a metal beam as thick as your ankle penetrate you through your suit, blood began to seep through the material and the adrenaline in your bloodstream faded into nothingness.

You heard Natasha’s familiar voice scream your name before your vision became blurry and dark.


Walking in that room

when you had tubes in your arms,

those singing morphine alarms

out of tune


Bucky didn’t belong here. He felt sick.

He looked down at the hospital bed in front of him, drips and tubes everywhere, a heart monitor on the left, bags of blood and water and morphine high on a hook on the right. You were in the middle of it, a bloodied white gauge wrapped around your frame, a tube placed into your nose and the sheets bunched around your waist.

You had a cannula stuck in both arms, both taped down to your skin.

Bucky didn’t even recognise the person on the bed, for she was gaunt, lifeless, she looked like an experiment. But she was just a fatal tragedy.


They had you sleeping and eating

And I didn’t believe them

When they called you

A hurricane thundercloud


The doctors and nurses, including Bruce and Cho, had kept you sleeping and eating through tubes. When Bucky shifted a chair to sit by your bed, he held your cold hand in his, his long fingers stroking circles into your skin, as if he was going to get a squeeze back. When Bruce and Cho came back to redress the large gaping wound, they suggested Bucky to leave, but he didn’t. He stayed put and held your hand as the dressings were changed.

He choked as he saw the abyss where there were snapped ribs, there was torn tissue and blood everywhere, and he couldn’t help but sob silently. He crouched down to his knees and rested his face in your hand, kissing the freezing skin with his lips, begging you to get better.

He wasn’t the religious type, but he prayed to whatever god was up there too spare you, make you better, have a longer life, to not let you be put on the top of his master plan list of names.

“She’s going to be a hurricane thundercloud, Banner.” He heard Cho whisper, he knew what that meant; a person who has lived a meaningful life but dies suddenly, he just didn’t want to believe it.

“No, no we can fix this, there must be a way.” Bruce then looked down at Bucky’s whimpering form with solemn pity.

As the redressing of your wound was finished, both doctors dissipated out of the small white room. Leaving only you and Bucky in a cloud of despair.


When I was checking vitals

I suggested a smile

You didn’t talk for a while

You were freezing

You said you hated my tone

It made you feel so alone

So you told me

I had to be leaving


As the night went on, Bucky stayed, he only left once to hastily relieve himself and that was it. He came back and unknowingly checked the monitors by your head. He noticed your heart beat had become slightly slower and took a deep breath. He heard fabric shift suddenly and looked down to see you squinting up at him.

You went to move from your rigid position but Bucky stopped you.

“No no no no, baby don’t move, you’re hurt real bad, doll.” The words came out like a stream of water’ quick, cold, sad, blue.

“Your tone… sounds so flat… it makes me sad, Buck… “ You whispered, “You’ve been here for a long time, you should leave… and get rest-” Your voice stopped as blood dripped down your chin. Bucky rushed to your side with a damp tissue and carefully wiped it away.


But something kept me standing

By that hospital bed

I should have quit but instead

I took care of you


Although you told him to leave, he stayed. He was there for a whole 2 weeks. Only leaving shortly a few times to change and wash. The stubble on his chin became scruff, and his hair was constantly tied back into a small bun. He always came prepared, with water, tissue, and a hairbrush, and your favourite book.

He would take care of you in ways the doctors couldn’t; he gently brushed your hair every morning and night, he stroked the soft skin of your wrists and arms in ways you loved, he arranged the fresh bouquets of flowers on your bedside table into colour coordinated sections- a thing you always did whenever he bought you flowers. He read to you when he wasn’t doing anything else, he asked Steve to buy that Harry Potter side book you liked, what was it called? The Tale of Beatle or something?

He whispered sweet nothings to you as he drifted off into an uneven sleep, mumbling incoherent words. It was a hectic routine, he would fall asleep and jerk awake, panicked, scared you had disappeared.


You made me sleep all uneven

And I didn’t believe them


It was the 16th night when Bruce finally came into the room for the last time, the panic button was hit by Bucky himself when blood began to seep through the bed covers and onto the floor, your wound hadn’t healed one bit.

Bucky could do nothing but watch your convulsing form as the defibrillator paddles were shocking your heart through your breastbone.

Ugly, salty tears were streaming down his face as two men tried to usher him out of the room, trying to spare him the traumatizing scene. Bucky began to scream as soon as the devastating words fell from Bruce’s lips.

“There’s no chance of saving her, Bucky, I’m so sorry, I truly am.” The sound of a flatline made Bucky fall limp, he crawled his way over to your side, his hands grasping your forlorn face. He placed delicate kisses all over your face, whilst muttering the words ‘I love you so much, Y/N, I love you so much’ over and over again. “You saved my life, but I couldn’t save yours…”


When they told me that there

Was no saving you


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Car Boys Gothic
  • You stick your head out the window and feel the breeze. Your hair flutters, then ripples, then violently judders as the wind suddenly accelerates, taking your car and your head in violently different directions.
  • “More, Nick, more,” the bus driver chants, as children in the back scream and bang on the suddenly barred windows. “More caaaaaaar, Nick,” he moans, as his arm pops loose from its socket.
  • “Oh, shit–” is the first thing you say when you see the driver of the car you’ve just rear-ended, and it is the last thing you hear when he gets large enough for everyone else to see him.
  • As you floor the pedal, you can see the sign saying “GARFIELD HEIGHTS” in the far-off distance, and the driver in the white suit and helmet much closer. You keep driving. You check the fuel gauge. Empty. You start rolling. He keeps driving.
  • The glimpse of the pale white lozenge in the air is enough for people outside to run for their apartments, but you are not so lucky: caught in its trajectory, you are launched towards the infinite geodesic surface of the dome. It’s so beautiful up here, you think, before you disappear.

okaynextcrisis  asked:

Bill/Laura + trapped on an island au?

“This is all your fault.”

It was his fault. He didn’t check the fuel lines; he didn’t follow pre-flight procedures. 

He didn’t think they were necessary on New Caprica. He sure as hell wasn’t planning to go far from the settlement, especially when he was expected back on the Galactica in a little less than two hours.

And yet, here they were, stuck on a hunk of sand and rocks in the middle of the lake Laura assured him was so clear it was like looking through glass, sitting on the skids of a Raptor that was completely drained of fuel.

If the Chief were still on board, he’d never have to worry about his Raptor running out of gas. 

“It is all my fault,” he admitted with a rueful grin.

“If I had a Quorum meeting or a press briefing, I’d kill  you,” she said. “Lucky for you, it’s Saturday, and I have nowhere else I need to be.”

She pointed to the shoreline. “That, right there, that’s where I’d build the cabin.”

“You’d build it?” he asked.

“Well, no,” she said with a smile. “That’s where I’d have someone build it for me.”

“And who might that be?” he asked.

“It might be the military leader who got me stranded on a pile of rocks and owed me a huge favor after I had to swim for shore.”

She wouldn’t have to swim for shore; the distress beacon would take care of that in a few minutes at best. But if she wanted him to saw logs and pound nails to make up for an embarrassingly shaky landing in the middle of the lake, he’d do it. That stretch of shoreline was looking better and better the longer they sat on the outcropping of rocks in the lake. He could see her cabin, and the porch, and the fire they’d light to ward off the chill of the New Caprica nights. 

“It might take some time,” he said.

She smiled, tugging at the sleeves of the red cardigan she still wore. “Funny thing. These days, I have nothing but time.”

Reader x Jim Word Count: 841 Warnings: SMUT! Swearing

“Lieutenant Y/N, don’t be so forgetful all the time!” The captain yelled at you in the middle of the bridge. “It could cost the entire crew their lives next time you forget to check the fuel levels!”

With your eyes on the floor, you apologised and excused yourself so that you could be away from everyone staring at you. As you ran through the hallways back to your quarters, you could feel tears building in your eyes and you let them fall as soon as the door was shut. You curled up in a ball on your couch and bawled your eyes out from embarrassment. A knock on your door silenced your crying and you looked up from between your knees when the door creaked open. Jim stood in the doorway staring at the sight of your blotchy face and tear-stained pants.

“I am so, so sorry.” He apologised. You stood from the couch and rapidly walked towards him making him stumble backwards in surprise.
“Just because we agreed not to tell anyone yet doesn’t mean that you can embarrass me in front of my work colleagues!” you shouted, jabbing an accusing finger into his chest. Jim fumbled over his words for a moment before grabbing your wrist and pulling you closer, snaking his arm around your back and slamming his mouth onto yours.
“I’m sorry, baby. I went overboard on the ‘not telling anyone’ thing. I just really didn’t want you to be mad at me if I accidentally let it slip that we’re dating.”

Your face softened and Jim released your wrist so that you could delicately cup his face and gently kiss his plump lips.
“I could never be mad at you, baby. I mean, look at you.” you giggled as you pulled him in for another kiss. Your mouths soon became faster and hungrier and your hands gripped each other tightly. You moaned as Jim stuck his tongue in your mouth and squeezed your ass cheeks before guiding you to the bed and climbing on top of you.

“Tell me how you want it, baby girl.” Jim growled, lust taking over. You sighed and gripped his back as you struggled to catch your breath and form a coherent sentence.
“I want you to take me really fast.”
Jim replied by quickly pulling your yellow Starfleet dress over your head and unclipping your bra, quickly attaching his mouth to your nipple. You threw your head back at the sensation and tangled your fingers in his hair which he had been growing longer so that you could easily do what you were doing right now.

“Fuck…oh, Jim…oh, fuck baby, yes!” you couldn’t effectively put into words how amazing it felt to have him sucking, nibbling and rubbing your nipples in a successful attempt to arouse you. Before you could comprehend what was happening, Jim was pulling off his shirt, pants and shoes before pulling off your shoes and slowly hooking his fingers under the waistband of your panties. You stared up at him in lust and longing as he teased you by rubbing your hips and slowly peeling away the last item of clothing keeping the two of you apart.

“Jim…” you whispered in the loudest voice that your clouded brain could muster. “Please Jim.”
“Please what, angel face?” Jim teased you more and you began to get frustrated as your panties were tossed across the room but he refused to touch you yet.
“If you don’t fucking take me like I fucking asked right fucking now, James Tiberius Kirk, I swear that I will-” you sentence was cut off by Jim slamming your legs open and pushing himself quickly inside you making you scream in pleasure. He didn’t even stop to let you adjust before he rocked in and out, finding a steady rhythm that left you writhing in pleasure beneath him.

“FUCK JIM, DON’T…OH…STOP, JIM!” you screamed as your nails desperately scratched his back and Jim found your g-spot, hitting it again and again causing you to scream every time.
“I won’t stop, baby I fucking promise.” he said, lowering down onto you and kissing you fiercely. He continued to make you scream for another two minutes before he quickly made you cum like you’d asked and you both gripped each other tightly as you rode out your orgasms.

Breathing heavily, Jim brought your foreheads together and kissed every part of your face that he could.
“We have to go back to work, baby girl.” he said reluctantly as he pulled out of you making you whimper at the loss of contact. He gathered his clothes from their various places around the room and, after getting fully dressed, kissed you and made to walk to the door.

“Jim?” you called to him before he left.

“Yes, baby?”

“No more embarrassing me?”

He laughed softly and nodded at you before walking the rest of the way to the door. Before he shut the door behind him he turned back and smirked.

“See you on the bridge, Lieutenant.”

Some alternate ways to conceptualise mindfulness

One of the things practically any mental health professional will tell you these days is to try mindfulness meditation. And non-judgementally observing the moment can definitely help with a number of things, but unfortunately the default mode of implementing it generally seems to start with “focus on your breathing”, which mostly just makes me self-conscious and start second-guessing my autonomic breathing functions, and proceed through a kind of body to mind inventory that I find very difficult to actually maintain focus on. Maybe that’s the ADHD, or maybe I’m just scared of the reality of my embodiment. I’ve noticed that those of us whose neurotype and/or mental illness involves some degree of habitual dissociation and/or self-hate tend to complain about not finding mindfulness useful/doable. It is not calming to ask yourself how you’re feeling when the answer is “I don’t understand the question” or “DANGER WILL ROBINSON”, and it’s hard to push through those to a more specific result.

I’ve been working on some alternate mental frameworks for obtaining the information mindfulness is supposed to bring you. Whether or not you find the act calming, self-care is a lot easier and more effective when you have a process to figure out what you need. These mental pictures offer something to focus on that’s a little detached from reality, but still contains relevant information channels.

·         Internal diagnostic scan – for when you feel like a malfunctioning robot. Lean into that feeling for a little while, and do what a good robot mechanic/programmer would do with a unique, valuable robot like you when it malfunctions. Check the fuel gauge. Run status checks on vital systems. Inspect the hardware and the working environment. Be an affectionate mechanic, or a businesslike one, or an apprentice who’s in over their head but determined to do their best – whichever feels most natural to you.

·         Consensus-based democracy – for when you’re not sure who “you” are, or what that question even means. Bypass it by imagining your mind & body as a collective working on a project, with committees and subcommittees responsible for different aspects of your existence – the social cues working group, the posture committee, the unwanted thought syndrome defense league, whatever – and let each group line up in an orderly fashion and have their say. Report decisions, air internal disagreements, minute action items, take a vote on conflicting priorities. You’re composed of many stakeholders and it’s important that they collaborate in a reasonable & equitable manner.

·         Recon mission – for those days when your mind and/or body feels like a survival horror videogame landscape. Roll with it – survive the level. Check out the terrain, find defensible locations & mark them as places to regroup, figure out what supplies you need if you’re going to venture into the shadowy areas. Note down useful geographical features and places that could be reinforced with a bit of engineering.

jungkook; good luck kiss, one true bliss

❝a kiss before a race, nice. ( @squishyfeelsprincess hi hello )
►1860 words // scenario, biker!jungkook (someone just kick me in the face okay-)

For Jungkook to say he has a crush on you would be an understatement. And for him to think that, oh boy, oh boy. Jungkook would’ve never thought you would mean this much to him. What was meant to be an act of kindness from him to you, you to him, grew into something more. From you needing a lift somewhere and him gladly giving it to you and him almost getting expelled if it wasn’t for you to somehow be around to pledge as witness, yeah, Jungkook had a whole other thing coming.

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How To // Luke x Reader

can you do a Luke skywalker imagine where the reader is generally in a bad mood and Luke likes her a lot but is too afraid/intimidated to talk to her? he goes to Han for advice because Han is her best friend but Han gives him terrible advice that could get his balls cut off lmao. so he goes to leia next and she actually gives him good advice! the reader is fixing the falcon and Luke goes up to her & makes a fool of himself but she finds it cute, though she won’t admit it infront of han! tysm!!!

Some called you passive aggressive and some called you pissy assed. But honestly, you were just kept to yourself. However, when someone pissed you off, that’s when you became what the people thought you were.

And that’s why Luke was so intimidated to talk to you. He was afraid that you would lash out on him and that wasn’t the exact reaction he wanted from his crush.

Today, you were in one of those moods where you weren’t in a bad mood, but you didn’t want anyone to bother you. Luke, of course, was afraid of talking to you. Seeking help, we went inside the Falcon trying to find Han, your best friend.

“Hey, Han. I need some advice,” Luke starts, sitting down next to Han at the front of the ship as he works the control panel.

Han stops what he is doing and looks at Luke. “Oh, yeah okay. What’s the deal?”

Breathing in, Luke says, “As you know, I like (Y/N) and you are her best friend so…”

Han nods his head, knowing what the boy is going to ask. “You need help asking her out. I got you,” he smiles, patting his back. “Well, first thins first-”

“Hold up. I don’t want to ask her out just yet. I want to talk to her more, you know? Get to know her better?” Luke reasons as Han nods. “I just get very intimidated by her because she always seems like she doesn’t want to be bothered.”

The smuggler understands his predicament. “Okay, well first thing you need to know is that you don’t flirt with her ever. She will just get more pissed off than see actually is,” he says as Luke makes mental notes.

“But how do I get my point across that I like her?” Luke asks confused. This wasn’t the advice he was expecting to receive.

Han rolls his eyes, “Kid, I’m getting there. Calm your hormonal ass.” Luke shrinks back into his chair. “That being said, don’t really talk to her at all. Only if she speaks to you. But if you are so inclined to talk to her, then be gentle. If she reacts irrationally, go at her. She loves it. Girls love it when you give them a hard time.”

“Isn’t that the other way around. Guys like it when girls give them a hard time?” Luke interrogates the man in front of him. None of the information he was getting was relevant to his case.

Groaning, Han says, “Did I come to you for advice? Now, shut up and listen. All of this sounds wrong because (Y/N) isn’t your typical girl. So, just follow those steps and before you know it, she’ll be begging for you.”

Luke reluctantly nods his head. “Alright. Thanks, Han.” I guess.

He knew that this wasn’t how you would wanted to be treated or any girl for that matter. Looking for his sister, he finds Leia sitting down fussing with some wires and controls in the back of the ship. “Leia. I need help,” he speaks.

She sits up immediately. “Sure. What’s going on?” she asks, rubbing his shoulder as he sits on the floor next to her.

“Well, I have had feelings for (Y/N) for a while now and I am too afraid to talk to her because I feel like she’ll just reject me. So, for advice, I went to Han an-”

“Oh, no,” Leia groans. “What did he say?”

Luke clears his throat. “He said to not flirt and don’t talk to her that much. But if I feel so inclined be gentle. But if she is snappish, be snappish back.”

Leia runs fingers through her hair in distress. “You can see how I fell in love with him…” she teases earning a faint laugh from her brother. “Forget all that crap. If you want advice on how to talk to a lady, ask another lady. Trust me, the results will be more in your favor.”

Nodding his head, Luke says, “So, you will help me?”

She laughs at her brother. “Of course. First thing you want to do is kind of ease your way into a conversation. Don’t come out with a straight compliment. That makes us girls feel uncomfortable. Just open up casually. Next, just talk to her like a normal human being. You know, because she is one,” Leia goes on for another few minutes on giving some solid advice.

Thanking his sister, Luke stands up and exits the Falcon, looking for you. Outside, you are checking some fuel valves, grease stained. Butterflies erupt in Luke’s stomach as he approaches you.

Closing the valve hatch, you notice that Luke is walking towards you.

Oh, God did he have to come now of all times? I must look awful.

“Hi,” he greets with a smile, internally hoping that was sufficient enough to spark conversation. “So, uh, what are you doing?”

“Checked the fuel valves. Fine as usual,” you respond, grabbing a towel from the toolbox, wiping the grease off your hands. “So, how are you?”

Finally! Conversation! Luke thinks.

For the next half hour, Luke and you are chatting and laughing. You being the one laughing because he was obviously trying to act smooth around you, failing miserably in the process. One time in the process, he tripped and almost fell over.

You had to admit, after today, your feelings for him have become more solidified and predominant. Walking onto the Falcon, you have a small smile on your face as you encounter Han.

“So, how was lover boy?” Han teases as you punch his arm.

“Shut up!” you laugh, walking to the front of the ship as he follows you.

“C'mon, tell me how my boy was!” he begs, you refusing him laughing the entire time.

Eerie VI

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//Chen x you 💙

Word count: 1,837

Summary: you are not going to stop until you become the president of the students’ council. The problem is the current president is Chen.

I spent more time than I’m willing to admit researching idioms with a word dance.

Part I   VII

It’s the best thing you learned in months. Really. President is a stripper. It’s a gossip so juicy, that you’ll be able to drink from it for weeks to come.

And let’s be frank here, you are going to milk it.

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5 Things Rey learned after becoming Finn’s cute girlfriend

So here is a  “5 things” sequel from Rey’s point of view. Any mistakes are mine, also there might be a finnrey royal au update out later this evening for those that read it! 


1.     She doesn’t mind nicknames

There was a time in Rey’s life when she had nothing to her name except… for her name. And it was something she became fiercely protective of—because her family had given her that name, and a name meant she belonged somewhere and she meant something to somebody. So whenever Plutt or anyone else referred to her as girl or brat, you better believe she corrected them until she was blue in the face. And often times it earned her a smack on the side of her head but it didn’t matter. There were plenty of girls in the galaxy, and probably twice as many brats, but she was Rey.

Until she started dating Finn

The first time he called her something other than her name, they were in the mess hall. Rey had just gotten in from a late training session with Luke. She had stopped at the table where Finn, Poe and a few of the pilots were already seated and halfway through their meal. She had slid in beside Finn, slipping her hand in his and rested her head on his shoulder, making polite conversation before the hunger in her stomach got the best of her and released a tiny groan.

‘Relax, I’ll get you something,’ He offered, standing.

‘Thank you—oh, if they have any extra dessert cubes…’

‘I will grab you two,’ Finn laughed before leaning down and pressing a quick kiss to the corner of her mouth. ‘I’ll be right back, love.’

She glanced up at him. Confused as to why she felt so okay with him referring to her as something other than her name…something other than Rey. But then it became obvious, rather quickly, that unlike the many names she had been given in the past, there was no malice or hatred behind it. Only adoration from the man that loved her so dearly. Because she meant something to him.

‘Is everything alright?’ Finn smiled.

‘It’s perfect.’

2.     It’s OK to stare sometimes.

Rey may have made a mistake accepting Finn’s offer to help her work on the Falcon. Finn wasn’t a bad assistant by any means, he was actually very helpful, the only real problem was that he was distracting. He wasn’t doing it intentionally, in fact, Rey was sure he had absolutely no idea just how distracting he was. If anything it was Rey’s fault. If she had known how pleasant of a sight it would be to see Finn in a form fitting regulation resistance t-shirt, that was now practically a second skin thanks to the thin layer of sweat that coated his body, hauling engine parts around the shipyard, she definitely would have thought twice about saying yes to extra help. In the last twenty minutes, all she had managed to do was check the fuel line twice because she was too busy ogling her boyfriend.

‘Where do you want these?’ He asked politely, holding a few pieces of heavy spare parts in his arms with ease.

‘Huh?’ Rey blinked.

‘I asked where you wanted me to put these parts?’ Finn chuckled.

‘Uh,’ She was going to answer, really she was, and then her eyes landed on a bead of sweat traveling down Finn’s neck that disappeared into the collar of his shirt.


She snapped to attention, and that’s when she noticed he was smirking at her. ‘Yes?’ She replied as heat rushed to her cheeks. ‘Oh, the parts! Yes, just…put them over there somewhere. Thank you.’

He nodded. ‘And Rey?


‘Just for the record, I definitely don’t mind you staring, but you should at least get some work done before Chewie gets back.’ He punctuated his sentence with a playful wink before walking off.

3.     He smells like cute boyfriend

‘That’s starting to tickle,’ Finn said sleepily as Rey continued to bury her face in the crook of his neck. She was practically lying on top of him in the tiny single bed.

‘I don’t care,’ Rey mumbled.

‘I invited you over here so we could sleep,’ He chuckled.

‘Go to sleep, then.’

‘I would but you’re tickling me,’

‘Well I’m not going to stop,’ Rey grinned.

‘Can I at least ask what is so interesting about my neck?’

‘You smell good,’

He turned his head to look at her with heavy-lidded eyes and a grin on his face. ‘You realize that everybody on the base uses the same soap right? We all smell the same.’

While that was true and Rey could faintly smell the generic flower-scented soap on Finn’s skin, there was also something else there as well, something that smelled far better than just soap. ‘You smell different,’

‘What do I smell like then?’

She lifted her head and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. ‘Like my cute boyfriend,’

4.     She could live off of his kisses

She let out a frustrated sigh when Finn broke their kiss once again. ‘Finn,’ she whined.

‘Rey, if you want to eat we have to go now, they’re going to close the mess hall soon,’ He laughed, running a thumb along her bottom lip that had become slightly bruised from the sheer voracity of their kissing. They had decided to take a late walk around the base before dinner and of course, one thing led to another and they ended up making out in the woods. They seemed to be doing that a lot lately, setting out to do one thing and then ending up with their hands all over each other in the woods.

‘Food, right…’ Rey muttered. They should probably go grab dinner. Rey herself was aware of the nagging hunger in her stomach and she was sure that Finn must be starving as well. She was just going to suggest they leave, but then Finn started biting his lip in that oh so lovely way—which really didn’t sit right with Rey because if anyone should be biting his lip it should be her—and before either one of them knew it they were joined back at the lips again. They would totally miss dinner, which was fine because they could hopefully  persuade the cooks to give them a few leftovers. And if not, that was fine too. Because as long as Finn’s lips were on hers, she doubted she would ever need such trivial things as food and water ever again.

5.     He is her home

‘Hey,’ Finn greeted as he sat down in the co-pilot seat of the Falcon. They were on their way back to D’Qar after completing a small research mission on Narhadul given to them by the General. Chewie had gone back for rest and Finn had decided to come keep Rey company.

‘Hi,’ She gave him a tired grin and reached out to intertwine their fingers.

They sat quietly for a few moments until Rey spoke first. ‘I think we should go back to that planet one day, I like it.’ They hadn’t gotten to spend much time on the planet, having been sent there for work purposes only.

‘To live?’

‘Maybe…maybe just to visit?’ Rey suggested.

‘Oh,’ Finn nodded.

‘Where do you want to live? When the war is over, I mean?’

‘I haven’t really given it much thought. But I know we’re going to live somewhere green,’ He smiled. ‘…and not too hot,’

‘So I guess Jakku is out of the question?’ She laughed.

He shook his head, playfully. ‘If you really wanted to live on Jakku…I would go with you.’

‘I don’t need Jakku anymore.’ Rey said. ‘…I have my family.’ She gently squeezed his hand. ‘So if we live on Narhadul that’s fine, if we live on D’Qar that’s fine too. I know I’ll always feel at home as long as you’re with me.’

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Wish (Pharah/Mercy - Overwatch)

“Do you ever wish you didn’t have to fight at all?”

The question caught Fareeha off guard. Perched on a high rooftop, they overlooked the town consumed by midnight. Together, they waited for another escort to protect. While Fareeha double checked her suit’s vitals and their debriefing, Mercy gazed out at the stars and thought beyond the moment.

“What makes you think I’d dwell on that?” she shot back.

Mercy’s lips twitched. “I suppose it’s in your blood. You feel a need to protect others, thus the only way to do so is by fighting back.” Her head fell, but her smile persisted. “I wondered if you ever thought of a world in which you didn’t have to.”

“And do you wonder what it would be like if you had to fight in order to stay alive?”

This time, Mercy brought her gaze to meet Fareeha’s and furrowed her brow softly. “I’m fighting now, in a sense, am I not?” After a bout of silence, she continued. “I try not to think of it as fighting, but as another way of helping. Making sure soldiers such as yourself stay alive so thousands more can live.”

“Then perhaps I’m doing the same?”

Mercy sighed and her lips turned downward. “Violence only breeds more violence.”

Fareeha tried not to clench her jaw. “You say it as if I enjoy provoking others. I do it because I’d rather fight for what’s right than be defenseless and weak.”

Those lovely eyes widened before Fareeha and she swore she heard a tiny hitch in Mercy’s throat. It was too late to take back anything she had said, for the nerves had already been plucked, if not snapped.

“Do you see me as defenseless and weak, then?” Mercy whispered.

Before Fareeha could part her lips, the communicator crackled to life within her helmet. “Hey, Pharah! We got the load incoming. You got Mercy up there with you, yeah?”

Leave it to Tracer to nail it with timing. Fareeha straightened up and peered back down onto the streets. “Copy that,” she responded. “We’re moving out.”

Within seconds, Fareeha fell into her military routine: arming herself, checking her fuel, and blasting off into the skies. She didn’t need to check to see if Mercy would follow on her trails, but this time, she peeked past her shoulder. Despite their disagreement, Mercy’s wings unfurled and she zoomed toward Pharah with her Caduceus Staff in her clutches.

She tried to smile for the other woman, though she feared her helmet blocked her face. That and Mercy focused more on gliding to a proper rooftop before floating back up to her partner than discerning the features of her face.

You’re not defenseless and weak, Fareeha thought while dragging her attention back to the streets in search of their target. You’re anything but. Perhaps the strongest and bravest woman I know. I wish I could be like you, but I’m not. I’m sorry.

They neared their destination and Fareeha spotted intruders already blocking their way. Touching down onto a roof, she took aim while a blue glow washed over her—the Caduceus Staff working at its finest.

But don’t you worry, Mercy. People like you give me a reason to keep fighting. And I’ll protect you.

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16 June 1988: an unknown RNZAF A-4 Skyhawk pilot tried to takeoff with the parking brake on. He got up to 80 knots before deciding something was wrong and aborting the takeoff.
Note: RNZAF A-4 pilots usually did the 85% manual fuel check with the park brake on. They released brakes to commence takeoff roll by flicking park brake switch off and going to MIL power. Incidentally there was a red brake warning light on the glare shield which was on whenever the park brake was on, so he missed that in his takeoff roll checks as well (one of the checks is “check all warning lights off”).
Both wheels were locked, but only this one burst. The other one must have rotated a bit. He had a centre line 400gal drop tank on which would have probably been full (2600lbs). It must have had very slow acceleration which should have been a warning sign.

So I’m cursing with my roommate in my car and car full of her girls be hind me i decide to drift a round about so hard Ebrake drop clutch full side ways into the corner then I hear my sub fly around go to hit the gas and car dies I smash the curb so hard , start laughing my ass off get out rims is raped ! Ahah
Go to start car it won’t start so I go check my fuel pump relay, it’s still connected so im like wtf then I notice my fuel pump cut off got turned off when my sub went flying fuck !!