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My Guardian (Part 7)

Castiel x Reader 

Word Count: 2005

Warnings: swearing, angst, mention of blood/wounds, kissing, dirty talk, oral sex, smut.

My Guardian Master List

It took nearly a day for Cas to finally come to as he lay in your bed, physically and mentally defeated. You stopped in every hour, checking to make sure he wasn’t dead or hadn’t disappeared.

It was almost midnight when you peered in and noticed the angel staring at the ceiling, motionless. “Cas?” you whispered into the room. He blinked, but didn’t move. You entered the room, the tension smacking you straight in the face. “Cas? How do you feel?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I havent read anything about this, so maybe its nuts but... What if Cas's soul is in hell? Cas was human once, so that means he had a soul, right? The angel part of him is gone, but his human part is either in heaven or hell. But, since Cas killed a reaper, I dont think anyone would want him in heaven. And since Hell doesnt have anyone on charge since both Lucifer and Crowley are gone, maybe Michael gets to leave the cage too. Maybe he is a part of getting Cas out of hell.

Hello Nonny!

This is an interesting ask - I thank you!

I’m just going to say that the brothers ended up in Heaven in spite of all their crap, so I doubt Cas killing a reaper is going to land him in Hell, tbh. Now, the fact that he has a soul, however, leaves us with a bit of a snag, and another loophole for the writers when it comes to the how in the question of Cas’ return. 

I wrote yesterday about the possibility of baby Nephi’s grace lingering in Cas and reviving him, which would leave us with a miracle, one that I feel was so nicely foreshadowed in 12x19, when Cas used that very word as he smoked Dagon, but I didn’t take his soul into account, not really.

So let’s take it into account now.

*gets comfortable* *I live for this sh*t*

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Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: swearing, mention of blood/guts, mild dirty language, smut (masturbation, fingering, oral sex-male receiving, very slightly Dom!Reader, unprotected sex), mild fluffy bits. 

A/N: This is part of Katie’s 1000 Follower Challenge! @casbabydontgoineedyou Congrats, hun! You seriously deserve it! My prompt: #39 “Well that’s inappropriate.” Hope y’all like it. Enjoy.

Monsters are gross, especially when they explode. You desperately attempted to keep your damp, blood soaked clothes from touching your skin as you hurried into the motel room. Luckily, you were able to wipe off most of the goopy grossness off your skin with the wipes you kept readily in your backpack, but you were still a mess. You desperately needed a shower.

Turning the doorknob, you rushed into the dark motel room. You tossed your backpack onto the floor and marched over to your duffle bag. “God damn it, Dean,” you cursed as you hunted for another pair of jeans and shirt. “Did he really need to blow up that vampire? I mean, he could have just sliced his head clean off.”

“He prefers the theatrics,” you heard Cas call behind you as he entered the room.

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Formless ||closed||


Cas rocked back on his heels impatiently, head tilting to the sky and back down and up again and back down. He would never get used to how much maintenance a simple car needed. Dean, Sam and him had just gotten back from a routine haunting a couple hundred miles away and this was the second time they had to stop to fill up for gas. He understood a car needed fuel to run, but it just seemed so…limiting.

Sam had gone inside to get a few snacks, leaving him leaning against the hood of the Impala, while Dean faithfully filled up, what he called, his “baby”. He knew it only took a few minutes, but to him it felt like ages. He could fly to Italy and back or scour an entire town in milliseconds with his wings. Cars were just so…slow.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “Are we done here?” They all felt a little crabby being trapped in the car so long, so Cas didn’t even really feel bad for his impatient tone. “I never realized how much time cars take up from actually getting somewhere.”

At that moment, Sam walked out of the store, bad in one hand, apple in another. He heard Cas’ complaining and snorted, “Well, yeah, Cas. Machines need a lot of effort to run right.” He explained.

“You two have often compared angels to machines and we never needed dwindling fossil fuels to run.” Cas pointed out.

Sam looked like he didn’t know how to respond to that, so he just nodded and went to put the bag in the car.

anonymous asked:

people was so sure that lucifer was going to use dean as bait for amara and it turns out that it's amara using cas/lucifer as bait for dean and this makes me very glad because i didn't like the other option that would only fuel more cas hate, but because this way the show is making a point of how much more important cas is to dean than amara