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Winter thaws while spring blooms all around the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Estate.

[Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Estate | Fuel consumption combined: 8.6-8.2 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 200-192 g/km | http://mb4.me/efficiency_statement]

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Do you have any suggestions on what we can do as men to resist Trump and help protect others and ourselves? I feel so powerless and afraid and the women around me are afraid too and afraid of US.

it seems like you and the people around you have been taken over by the mass hysteria created by the media and others. What you and the people around you can do is:

1.) Calm down, and write down everything you are afraid of that you believe trump has the power to actually do. Then look those things up, research, and find out if trump can actually do it (if it’s within his authority), and/or if it’s something he actually said he was going to do, or is it something you heard from somewhere he was going to do.

2.) Research how the U.S government works and exactly how much power you as “the people” have compared to trump as “the government” . Research non-biased, (direct and quoted) promises trump has said/made. try to look find something that tells you direct quotes from trump and the others that are now in office, and do not look at what other people has to say about those quotes. Research Trump’s platform and do the same thing. 

3.) Think about how you feel after reading those things trump has promised to do/ his platform. try and decipher them into your own words (and incorporate the limits of the power you now know trump has, as well as the power you know the people have, as you logically comprehend/paraphrase his platform/promises.)

4.) Avoid media and sensationalized outlets for information about your government. Don’t look to other people’s paraphrased words or other people’s understanding of what your government has promised to do. Look at it yourself, directly, and make your own judgement. 

5.) Educate yourself and others on the power you have over your government, and also the limits your government has. Try and stop the spread of fear and the hysteria. This will reduce violence on the streets as well as the many many many false hate and discrimination stoires going around (that has only added fuel to the fire.) 

6.) Accept different views, and be open-minded to others as long as they aren’t hurting another person/people. 

7.)  Keep being the lovely person you are, and encourage others to keep being the lovely people they are. 

America = power to the people. Don’t panic. Don’t worry. He’s just another president. 

Stay calm, and keep up with the politics as directly as you can. 

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The Mercedes-AMG GT S has everything you would expect from an authentic Mercedes-AMG sports car, hasn’t it?

[Fuel consumption combined: 9.6–9.3 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 224–216 g/km | http://mb4.me/efficiency_statement]

Picture by WROOM Media and Mercedes-Benz AutoBeltran Barcelona

Hey so i’ve been thinking we should have a cosmere ask meme so here goes:

1. Twinborn type?

2. Radiant order?

3. Which shardworld are you from?

4. if you were a shard, what would that shard be called?

5. Mistborn, Feruchemist, Radiant, or Elantrian? (assume fuel is available)

6. If you could Forge your own soul, who would you forge yourself into?

7.  Your Returned name?

8. Cosmere OTP/NoTP

9. Misting type?

8. Ferring type?

9. Cosmere Novel you would most like to see an adaptation of?

10. What type of adaptation?

11. Misting, Ferring, Sand Mastrell, Awakener, or Forger? (Assume fuel is available)

12. Characters you feel sure will die?

13. Characters who you couldn’t take dying?

14. Theories?

15. What kind of spren do you attract the most of?

16. Favorite non-cosmere books?

17. Favorite Character?

18. Characters you want to see more of?

19. Place in the cosmere you’d most like to visit?

today you will make a plan

Today you will make a plan. 

The plan will have one intent. The plan’s intent will be to learn how to live as your best self. 

The plan will have one constraint. The plan’s constraint will be that you cannot change the world by telling others how to think. You can only show others how to be.

1) You will rethink social media. Social media will now have two purposes: action and love. It will no longer have room for the ways you have used it: rage and despair. Rage and despair are luxuries you no longer have. You will use social media to organize, to reach out, to create meaning. You will use your presence as a beacon. This is the only choice you have.

2) You will connect with your loved ones. You will make a schedule for how often you check in with them, see them, sit with them. You will ask them what they need. You will not abandon them. You will rebuild broken ties. You will remember that the ways you reach out to them now are luxuries too, and luxuries are a thing you no longer have. You will keep a written record of their phone numbers and addresses, a record that you will keep updated all the time.

3) You will connect with yourself. You will ask yourself what you need, how you have been neglected. You will work on taking care of yourself– not because you are worth it and not because you deserve it, but because the people in your life need you.

4) You will connect with your community. You will develop a new best practice. You will train yourself, each time you catch yourself about to pour despair into the world, to find some place in your community that could use your help, and you will put on your shoes and you will go there. You will start this process today by researching three places that you can go and help somone when the despair threatens to take you. You will remember that even researching these places is a luxury. You will keep a written record of their addresses and phone numbers, and when you find places you like, you will make sure you meet someone there whose name you know, whose contact information you have.

This network of you, your loved ones, and your community will be where you draw strength. This new practice, this series of practices, will become as natural to you as it has been to pour despair into the world.

5) You will connect with the hate within yourself. When you feel it rise in you, you will conjure a mental image of the people and the things you love most. You will show your hate these things. Your sadness and your fear will no longer be a thing you validate. When you lose these things you love, you will continue to love them. You will conjure images of ideals, of a world that does not exist. You will run out of things to rely on and you will be able to conjure these images of a better world, and better people, to fuel you.

6) You will consider, seriously consider, that nothing might change in your lifetime. You will consider, seriously consider, that the world might end in your lifetime. You will recognize that you have no choice but to be good for the sake of goodness. That everything else is a luxury, has always been a luxury, and that the world now intends to remind you of that fact. 

You will be ready. You will love and you will be loved. You will have a plan.


It was around two years ago, when I messed up my refutes in the yearly debate competition of my school. It was seven months ago when I gave the farewell speech and felt like I hadn’t done good enough. Tomorrow, I’m going to attend a Language Festival where I’ll be participating in five categories, and I wasn’t even sure if I will be able to make myself go up to the stage or take my place and participate.

Till I saw TEN’s performance tonight.

He is a true inspiration. He placed last in the previous round, but he made it to the top and  he proved himself. He didn’t let the trauma get to him, he didn’t let the fear subside his love and passion for dancing; he proved himself, flew to THE VERY TOP.

So, I am not dreading tomorrow anymore. I am actually looking forward to it. I will give it my best, because TEN taught us all today that WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES.

Thanks, Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. Thank you so much. We love you.

~ Admin Ayu ♥

The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Estate is one for the great outdoors.

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[Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Estate | Fuel consumption combined: 8.6–8.4 l/100 km | Combined CO2 emissions: 200–196 g/km]

Best way to enjoy a nice spring weekend.

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Mercedes-AMGGTS - [Fuel consumption combined: 9.6-9.4 l/100km | CO2 emission: 224-219 g/km]


matchy matchy💙🏃
This run is significant for multiple reasons:
-longest run in two years post-injury
-fastest average pace since comeback
-it was my second run this week (I’ve been building up slowly and running once a week and x-training the other 5-6 days)

fueling, stretching, doing PT, petting dogs… I’m doing the little things right so I can stay strong and healthy. Let’s do big things.

U.S. targeted Syrian aircraft, runways and fuel stations

WASHINGTON, April 6 (Reuters) - The U.S. military targeted Syrian aircraft, an airstrip and fuel stations in its cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase, a U.S. official said, adding the missiles themselves struck their targets at 3:45 a.m. in Syria on Friday (8:45 p.m. EDT on Thursday).

The strike was U.S. President Donald Trump’s response to a poison gas attack in Syria that Washington has blamed on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. (Reporting by Idrees Ali; Writing by Phil Stewart; Editing by Sandra Maler)

Conor McGregor's top 10 wins by KO

10 - Steve O'Keefe - Cage Warriors 45
9 - Diego Brandão - UFC Fight Night 46
8 - Dennis Siver - UFC Fight Night 59
7 - Marcus Brimage - UFC on Fuel TV 9
6 - Dustin Poirier - UFC 178
5 - Ivan Buchinger - Cage Warriors FC 51
4 - Chad Mendes - UFC 189
3 - Eddie Alvarez - UFC 205
2 - Jose Aldo - UFC 194
1 - Jeremy Stephens - UFC 205 press conference

Adrenaline in the bloodstream and caffeine in the cup – that’s what Cars & Coffee events are all about.
This picture is from the first AMG Performance Tour with CARS & COFFEE Düsseldorf​ through the winding Neander Valley.

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[Mercedes-AMG GT S | Combined fuel consumption: 9.6-9.4 l/100 km | CO2 emissions combined: 224-219 g/km]

Richonne AU Tag-College Edition

So this got hella long, but I don’t write fanfiction, so head canons are my only outlet.

1. Who notices the other first? Rick. They are both at a freshman mixer thrown by the university before classes start. Rick is walking to get a drink when he hears a girl go “Hey, Michonne.” Rick has never heard that name before and wants to see the owner of it. He looks up just as Michonne waives her hand and smiles in greeting to her friend. Rick is mesmerized. She must have felt him staring because Michonne turns her head and locks eyes with Rick. As cliché as it sounds, everything else just fades away except those two. Rick starts walking towards Michonne just as her friends pull her onto the dance floor. Michonne looks over her shoulder and smiles before getting lost in the crowd on the floor. As luck would have it, the two won’t cross paths again until sophomore year.  

2. Who makes the first move? Michonne. Rick and Michonne end up in the same abnormal psych class and recitation group fall semester of their sophomore year. They work together on a group presentation and just start growing closer. They start staying and talking long after the group sessions are over. The chemistry and interest are there, but neither wants to make that first move. Rick is hesitant because he still has a girl back home and he thinks Michonne has a thing going with university football star, Tyreese Williams (she doesn’t). When the semester and the class are almost over, Michonne knows she doesn’t want to go another year without seeing Rick. So she goes against her nature and kisses him in the doorway of the library. She uses the mistletoe that is hanging up as her excuse. Rick just smiles and holds her hand as he walks her back to her dorm.

3. Who causes the first fight? Rick or rather Rick’s high school sweetheart, Lori. She comes up to visit Rick one weekend after he ends it during Christmas break sophomore year. Michonne and Rick walk into Rick’s room at his frat house to find Lori waiting for him…naked. Michonne gets angry with Rick because she feels he either didn’t tell Lori it was over or he wasn’t adamant in telling Lori it was over and why.    

4. Who says “I love you” first? Rick. Early during junior year, Rick and his frat brothers get into a hellacious fight with some townies during a pick-up basketball game. Rick ends up in the E.R. with a black eye and a broken nose. Michonne rushes over and stays with him for hours during the whole ordeal. Later, while getting him settled in bed, Rick tells Michonne that he loves her. Michonne says it’s the pain medication talking. Rick says they only gave him Tylenol, so he is fully aware of what he’s saying. Realizing he’s serious, Michonne smiles and tells him she loves him, too.  

5. Who keeps the other company (and sneaks in food) during all-nighters at the library? Rick. Rick is no slouch, academically, but he is not one to pull all-nighters that don’t include zombie movie marathons. Michonne, on the other hand, is serious about going to Harvard Law. She frequently pulls all-nighters during mid-terms and finals. Rick stays with her to keep her company. He studies a little, takes naps on the available couches, socializes with those around him, and goes on snack runs for Michonne. Big Cats are her study fuel.

6. Who calls the other everyday just to say “good morning” before they each head off to class? Michonne. She loves hearing Rick’s husky sleep-filled voice first thing in the morning. She also likes to make sure he wakes up and gets to class on time. He’d be lost without her. And he knows it.

7. Who gets sloppy drunk on their 21st birthday? Michonne. It is her first time getting drunk. It’s not that Michonne is opposed to drinking, she just doesn’t relish losing control. Rick, who has been getting drunk since high school, stays sober that night. He doesn’t drink for two reasons: 1) to make sure Michonne stays safe and doesn’t overdo it and 2) to capture video and picture evidence of her behavior to show her later.  Michonne still has no idea what possessed her to engage in a one-woman electric slide to “Drunk in Love.”

8. Who stays calm during their pregnancy scare junior year? Rick. Michonne freaks out thinking about telling their parents and having to postpone law school. Rick tells her to take deep breaths and calm down. He tells her that whatever happens, they’ll get through it together. And if need be, he’ll take time off from school after she has the baby so she can finish up her degree and start law school on time. Rick secretly starts looking into on-campus family housing before they find out it was just stress the caused Michonne’s period to be late.  Although he knows it’s for the best, Rick can’t help but be a little disappointed.

9. Who takes the other home to meet their parents first? Michonne. Unbeknownst to each other, Rick and Michonne grew up just a couple of hours away from each other. When Rick drives her home for Fall Break junior year, Michonne decides that now is the time for him to meet her parents. She doesn’t actually tell Rick until they are 15 minutes away from her house (she knows he would have psyched himself if he had more warning than that). The meeting went well, except for that chunk of time when Rick and Michonne’s dad go missing. Rick comes back with all limbs intact, if not a bit pale. He never tells Michonne what her dad said, but it must have gone well because Mr. Richardson gives Rick a hearty pat on the back as he’s leaving to go home. He only does that if he likes you. Rick returns the “meet the parents ambush” favor during Thanksgiving. Rick’s parents love Michonne.  

10. Who suggests they move in together their senior year? Mutual decision. Rick is sick of the frat house and Michonne can’t bear to live in the dorms another year. Plus they just want to spend as much time with each other as possible before they graduate and start getting truly busy with adult responsibilities. Neither set of parents are too keen on their kids “shackin’ up” but Michonne and Rick are in love and paying their own rent, so the parents don’t and can’t put up too much resistance.  


Who cries when Rick proposes to Michonne at their joint graduation dinner? Trick question…they both do. Rick and Michonne cry. Both sets of parents (who hosted the dinner) cry.  Even their friends tear up, Daryl included. He’s the rough-around-the edges townie mechanic that Rick became fast friends with after they tried to punch each other’s teeth out at the aforementioned frat versus townie pick-up basketball game. Rick and Michonne marry a year later. Two years after that, Rick holds four-month-old Micaela Grimes up to see her mother receive her law degree from Harvard.


Spring is here, so is the Mercedes-AMG C 63

[Fuel consumption combined: 8.6-8.2 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 200-192 g/km | http://mb4.me/efficiency_statement]

Picture by WROOM Media and Mercedes-Benz AutoBeltran Barcelona