fuego element

✎Si los signos fueran emociones:

Aries → Frenesí.

Tauro → Placer.

Géminis → Curiosidad.

Cáncer → Tristeza.

Leo → Alegría.

Virgo → Concentración.

Libra → Amor.

Escorpio → Miedo.

Sagitario → Euforia.

Capricornio → Plenitud.

Acuario → Empatía.

Piscis → Sorpresa.

Road Trip Day Five: Sedona

Okay, Sedona. We had mixed feelings about it here.

It is super beautiful here…

but the town itself is both a tourist trap and a self-entitled one-percenter morass.  It seemed the energy vortexes of the area were of a negative energy, at least from our observances.  

We both had our suspicions that our Airbnb host was prejudiced against us.  Whether it be because two girls in the same bed disturbed her, or that I was transgender, we’re not sure.  

In the end, I would only recommend visiting Red Rock State Park.  If you visit the town, The Coffee Pot Café was nice for breakfast, and I LOVED my torta from Tortas De Fuego.

The park had elements of oasis and high desert.

Near a stream we found what I thought was a Cottonwood tree.  It was one of the largest I had ever seen.

The chunks of bark were so huge.  It had to be super old.  I wish I knew.

Running between the bark we found this little guy trying to hide from us.  We saw several of these lizards in the park.  They seemed shy at first, but then they almost knew we were taking pictures and would wait until we finished.

We left Sedona for Scottsdale, AZ the next day.  There is a special hotel there we visited seven years ago.  We were very ready to start Day 6…

<3 Vivian