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why is train travel so confusing

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I've read up on the Punic wars recently but one issue I've had with them is that what is with these claimed army sizes, like both sides in the second Punic war supposedly raised over 700,000 soldiers? Where did they get these numbers? I mean according to that 1% rule for premodern armies the population of both sides would need to be over 70 million, isn't that just too unlikely? Are these numbers just exaggerations like the whole millions of persians at the hot gates thing?

If you’re reading a primary source, it’s safe to assume that the numbers are fudged significantly the further back you go. A lot of times, numbers are counted as soldiers to mean everyone in camp, and in an ancient army, there were plenty of non-combatant camp followers, from mercenaries and other ruffians looking for coin to grooms and prostitutes. Sometimes there’s simply a transcription error that gets passed down, or other error taken as fact, or received from unconfirmed information. For example, Polybius got his numbers of how many troops Hannibal crossed the Alps with from an inscription that Hannibal made. Other numbers may be rough estimations, Herodotus was notable for this when it came to the Persian armies. A camp has plenty of noncombatants in it, officers bring wives, servants, prostitutes follow the army, as to locals looking to sell things and profit off the invaders, spies, thieves. A camp is a busy place. Generals inflated their numbers to seem mighty and their enemies to make their victories more overwhelming. Others (Herodotus again) wrote symbolic numbers for the casualties of the Persians.

However, the numbers have been fairly well-studied: Polybius records that in 225 BC (just before the second Punic war) Rome and it’s Allies could field more than 700,000 Infantry, and 70,000 Cavalry (Polybius II.24, where a detailed breakdown is given). The Roman Empire had as many as 90 million people at it’s height. Rome itself had a million citizens. About 20% of the world’s population was in the Roman Empire, and a lot more were allies or clients.

But remember, just because they had all those soldiers doesn’t mean they had them all at once. For example, before the battle of Cannae, Varro went out to recruit the fresh legions, and recovered armies add to the total.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

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my D&D group has just slain their first dragon in their first dungeon, plus everyone has survived (by SOME fudged numbers and divine protection) and im just as thrilled as a peach :)

i think about my campaign daily while im at work, always adding more npcs and encounters and dungeons, and im so happy its working out without the entire party falling apart into dick jokes and “lets kill everything we encounter.”

Guys Got7 has a HUGE opportunity right now to show that kpop really is a big deal.

Billboard charts all music but honestly, they don’t pay much attention to anyone who isn’t from an English speaking country and it’s highly possible that they fudge numbers to keep what they don’t consider mainstream American music off of their charts.

For the past 279 weeks Justin Bieber has been the number 1 most Twitter social artist on the Social 50 chart according to Billboard’s analytics, that’s over 5 years.

This past chart however Got7 flew up from 39, where they weren’t even listed as Got7 but as JJProject, to number 2. This is a really big deal in the music industry!! Placing high on these charts turns a lot of heads.

The next chart should come out on Saturday so in order to try to push Got7 into number one we need to tweet them, like tweets, and help them gain as many followers as possible in the mean time!!!

Help Got7 show the industry what kpop can do! Even if they aren’t your favorite group, this is for the greater good!

This is the most ridiculous attack ad I’ve ever seen from the Conservatives.

The Conservatives are responsible for this deficit, as they fire saled everything and fudged the numbers and gave overly optimistic growth numbers. The reality is that their budget never was balanced.

And now they’re trying to blame the Liberals for it. Parliament isn’t even in session yet, so it would be impossible for the Liberals to spend/mismanage this money.


The Zaibatsu talking about cheaters in games, ways they could be stopped, etc.

Why WOULD you play a supported game online which is ranked and just cheat? There’s no point. You’re there to play the game and hone your ability, not be a manbaby and fudge the numbers.

Want to know why you’re fat?

It’s because you consume more calories than you burn.


Body fat does not magically appear out of nowhere. You can’t create something out of nothing. So please shut the fuck up about how you “eat as much as your thin friends, but they’re still thin and you’re still fat”

Here’s my challenge to you: For one day, eat like you would normally eat but keep track of EACH AND EVERY CALORIE YOU CONSUME. Include drinks, dressings, condiments, anything you put in your mouth. No cheating, no fudging the numbers. Be 100% honest. I can tell you right now, you are consuming more than you think you are.