The best thing about the Harry Potter series is how real it is. JK Rowling knows that you don’t have to be an adult to deal with very adult problems. 

The reason Potter spoke to me as a child was that it didn’t coddle me the way the other books written for my age group did, and it didn’t need to be gritty or edgy to be scary or sad.

The pain of fighting with a friend, or not fitting in at school, or the death of a loved one… I know that pain, most readers do. 

People teasing me for reading and writing about a “children’s book”, but Potter helped me grow up and grow more as a person than any other story or influence in my life- and yet still, every time I revisit Potter and the grounds of Hogwarts, I feel like a kid again. 

It’s that duality of the magic and the reality that makes the series so powerful to so many people. It’s that duality that’s going to make this series last for a very long time.

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debarbarac asked:

Imagine they're all much older and Elsa dies (RIP) and Anna is distraught and Hans can't seem to comfort her. But then the day of Elsa's funeral, it starts to snow really hard and Hans wakes Anna up really early and says "The sky's awake" and at first Anna doesn't get it so she tries to push him away but then he says "C'mon, one last snowman. For Elsa." And she can't believe he remembers her telling him that story so she lets him help her build a snow person that looks a lot like Elsa.

*gross sobbing*