Uncle Neville coming over to the Potters’ house on Sundays, and drinking just a little too much, resulting in slurred conversations with Albus Severus. 

“You know… in my day…. a Slytherin named Severus would have been the last person I’d play wizards chess with…” *glances pointedly at Harry* “But you’re alright kid, you’re alright.”

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⌆ the black sisters~

⌆ : Fight headcanon

Narcissa tried to stay out of the fighting, if she could help it. As the youngest in a family of three, Narcissa tended to keep to herself for much of the bickering that occurred between Andromeda and Bellatrix growing up. Both headstrong in their own ways, Bellatrix was often prone to resorting to “fighting dirty” and would toss a hex or two at Andromeda when their mother wasn’t around to witness her eldest daughter’s destruction. Andromeda, the older she got, became more and more verbal in her disgust for Bellatrix’s close-minded, arrogant opinions on matters she knew very little about, and Bellatrix grew irritated with Andromeda’s refusal to fully invest herself in the glorious cause of the Dark Lord Bellatrix had chosen to dedicate her life to.

And Narcissa, who always felt torn and caught between her two elder sisters–who fought like cats and dogs–woke up one day and suddenly found that there was no longer a sister for her to choose between. She no longer had two elder sisters…but one. Andromeda’s picture had been burned from their family tree, and all of her abandoned possessions were gone.

“Off to marry a Mudblood–not that anyone’s surprised,” She’d heard Bellatrix hiss under her breath one evening, and her eldest sister’s cruel words tugged at Narcissa’s heart.

Because while her sisters fought and bickered unlike anything else, Narcissa had loved them both equally.

And the day she found out she had only one sister left, the fighting stopped.

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yes, i’m finally doing a follow forever. only took me like 3 years

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who is ashley and what happened???

Ashley was known as fudgeflies until today. She created simplypotterheads and is literally the heart and soul of this blog as she goes out of her way to organise things for our followers, and everything is paid with her own money because the adds don’t even begin to cover anything. (Please click on the add when you’re on the website, but not more than once or twice a day and never in a row, or we could get the account suspended)

Ashley has always had a reputation as an opinionated woman and that’s why it was a pleasure following her. I have very little time for people who don’t own to their opinions but Ashley did. As usual on tumblr, whoever has an opinion also gets hate, and Ashley was unfortunately used to it.

But today someone crossed a line by sending her hate about her son. People used her her ten year old kid as a way to get under her skin. That was what it took for Ashley to decide she was done with this website and delete her blog. And she has every right too, and if I had been her, I would probably have taken SPH down too. But Ashley didn’t because in spite of everything she is better than those assholes.

Tbh the idea that the dumbass who sent hate might actually win something from SPH kind of makes me sick to my stomach. The idea that people think it’s okay to insult a child who’s not even on tumblr just to piss his mother off makes me angrier than I’ve been in a while. The idea that Ashley is only the tip of the iceberg and other people keep deleting their blogs as a result of Anon hate is what it needs to convince me that this website is the seventh circle of hell.

Tumblr users pride themselves on being the bigger people, but the more I’m here, the more I think it’s a huge collective lie.

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top 5 harry potter deaths. GO.


  1. Albus Dumbledore’s death—It was, perhaps, the biggest fucking plot twist for me out of the entire series. I GOT SO MUCH WHIPLASH IN THE LAST TWO BOOKS. “Snape killed Dumbledore! So he must be evil!” “But I heard he’s secretly good!” “But then why did he kill Dumbledore?!” “Did Dumbledore know???” “Of course not why would Dumbledore let Snape get away with it?!” “DID SNAPE HATE DUMBLEDORE TRUE OR FALSE?” Shit gets scary when you contemplate the meaning of life as a child.
  2. Severus Snape’s death—Back when Snape was my favorite character in the series, rereading his death was actually a very traumatizing experience. I remember reading it my junior year of high school just for fun and the only two people who understood my pain were my Snape-loving friend and my Snape-loving English teacher. Life was rough and I hated “you have your mother’s eyes ” SO FUVKCI CNG MUCH. It was actually the number one scene I was ready to shed blood over if they got it wrong in the final film. That’s how dedicated I was.
  3. Sirius Black’s death—I don’t know many people who wouldn’t put Sirius’ death in their top five. For me, at least, Harry’s reaction and the fact that Sirius’ own cousin slaughtered him is what did me in. Harry’s absolute denial that the man he considered family crossed into the land of the dead is absolutely devastating, especially when you take into consideration all that Harry had lost at such a young and tender age. And there’s something about Sirius’ death that I’ll always remember, too; when Bellatrix’s killing curse struck him, Jo wrote that the laughter had not quite died away from his face. Whenever I read that bit, I always think of Fred’s last laugh etched onto his features…and it brings me back to the Marauders. How the map connected the Weasley twins to the original Marauders. And maybe, just maybe, Sirius’ mischief will never be managed, either.
  4. Lily Potter’s death—It’s probably incredibly strange for me to have Lily in my top five, given that she died at the beginning of the series and Harry Potter is filled with tons of character deaths. But what really strikes a chord with me about Lily’s death are the snippets we see throughout the series of that night. The way that Lily protected her son; the fact that it was her love that helped save Harry in the end…that’s just remarkable to me. Lily Potter’s undying love and sacrifice for her only son is absolutely remarkable, and I think if you can pick only one reason to love her character, I would choose those final moments in which she protected Harry. She proved that she was far more than just a Gryffindor…she proved that she was an excellent mother, and if not for her…who knows what might have happened. Lily Evans Potter was an excellent mother, even if she wasn’t give a proper amount of time to illustrate it.
  5. Lord Voldemort’s death—This one is probably a bit weird, but the reason I have him in my top five is because of how he died; not because of any particular emotional attachment to the scene or the character. What was always important for me to remember was that Lord Voldemort was just a human…he wasn’t some sort of freaky mutated experiment or superhuman…despite his desire to rise to power, his status as the Darkest Wizard of all time, and the god-like reverences some of his followers (such as Bellatrix) held him to, when he died…he died just like any other man. Nothing special; no fireworks or explosions or dissolving into confetti (lookin’ at you, David Yates). He just…died.
fudgeflies replied to your post:“If Harry looked more like his mother, he probably wouldn’t have had nearly as many issues as he did.” AS IF HARRY HAD ANY CONTROL OVER WHICH PARENT HE INHERITED HIS LOOKS FROM

Snape cornering Harry and inviting him to get………………UP………………..to something.


“How extraordinarily like your mother you are, Potter,” Snape said suddenly, his eyes glinting. “She too was a hot piece of ass. A cut above the rest of us. Strutting around the place with her long flawless legs … The resemblance between you is uncanny.”