fudge urban


Vid by THE DIGI FAIRY for Fudge Urban

#FUDGEHAIRSCHOOL with Lou Teasdale 

Music by FAKE CLUB 


Lou’s milkmaid braid

This is the easiest and simplest of Lou’s hairdos. Simply braid your hair without adding any product and tie both braids on top of your head with bobbypins. Add a bit of hairspray to secure!


Lou’s bun

This will always, always, ALWAYS work best on second day hair.

What I do for Lou’s updo look is braid my hair the night before as my hair is as thin as a piece of paper. That just makes it easier to get up into a bun.

So tie your hair up into a ponytail and make it as messy as possible – backcombing parts of your hair to add texture and messiness. Once your hair is in a ponytail, tie it up as you normally would in a bun and then wrap your spare hair around to hide your hairtie.. as shown below.

these are mostly the pics of people who changed my life. people who helped me to find my own style, become more confident, not care what everyone thinks. that’s why lou’s photo is the biggest one.
so yeah, i hope you like it because i love it 💗