fudge poptarts

Drabble/Prompt Request

For @creideamhgradochas
“Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

“What the fuck?” your shriek echoed through the kitchen

You had been in the middle of a Harry Potter marathon when you decided to grab a drink and one of your favorite chocolate fudge poptarts. There was only one problem though, someday had eaten all of them; and left the empty box in the cabinet.

That’s what pissed you off the most. You had opened the cabinet, seen the closed box, and then pulled it down to find it empty. People don’t do that. It’s just rude. If you finish something, throw the container away. It’s common courtesy.

“Hey! Is everything okay?” Bucky ran into the kitchen just then

You turned to see him looking around the kitchen, obviously trying to find the threat.

“No, Bucky, everything’s not okay.” you shoved the box in his face “Look at this!”

He gently pushed the box away “Looks like an empty poptart box.”

“Exactly! Someone ate them all! Then had the nerve to leave the empty box up here!”

Bucky crossed his arms and looked at you sternly “You’re going crazy over poptarts? I thought something bad had happened to you, doll.”

You slammed the box down on the cabinet “Something bad did happen!”

Bucky scoffed and stepped towards you “They’re just poptarts.”

You closed the distance between you two “They were my poptarts.” your voice was low and deadly

Then you turned and stalked back to the counter “When I find out who ate them,I…they…I don’t even know what I’m gonna do!”

Just then you heard snickering behind you. You spun around to see Bucky with his hand over his mouth, trying desperately not to laugh.

“This is not funny, James!”

He dropped his hand and crossed his arms over his chest, bringing his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Don’t bite that fucking lip! I can’t beli-oh my god. You fucking asshole!” you picked up the empty box and threw it at him

Bucky knocked it away easily and busted out laughing “I’m sorry, doll.”

You stomped over to him “No, you’re not! You know they’re my favorite, Bucky.”

Bucky grabbed your face and leaned down to kiss your lips softly. As much as you hated him right now, you could never stay mad at him for very long.

“I’ll make it up to you, baby, I promise.” he kissed your forehead and hugged you tightly

“Oh yeah,” your voice was slightly muffled by his chest “how do you plan on doing that?”

He pulled away and look down at you, one eyebrow raised and a cocky smile on his face “I have a few ideas up my sleeve.”

You scoffed but let him drag you towards the bedroom.

“Fine…but you are buying me more poptarts afterwards.”

This is probably the most eye pleasing thing I’ve ever made and also the most delicious chocolate filled wonderful concoction ever. I made a peanut butter marshmallow #Beltsanderbrownies (1 scoop whey, 5g Cocoa powder unsweetened, 1/4C cashew milk, stevia and baking powder, mic 30 sec) with the tonight dough ice cream (HOLY SHIT BALLS. BEST B&J ICE CREAM EVER. I ONLY HAD 75G OF IT BUT IT WAS THE BEST 75G OF MY LIFE) and a whole chocolate fudge poptart! 😍 best way to end my high carb day! ☺️ ____________________________________ 🍫Cellucor.com code “Marisa” for 25% off and free shipping 🍫

  • me before 11pm: i have to eat healthy. there are people out there posting lean bikini pics with the bottoms going up their butts and i've gotta keep my chunky ass up to speed by only eating organic nuts and berries and doing squats
  • me after 11pm: this body is a shell. none of this will matter when i'm dead. i'm going to eat this hot fudge sunday poptart