fudge and toffee


Among other tags on the photos of those spookily skull-faced ladies, I used the term “memento mori” - and like a twit I then went Googling.

After far too many Victorian-era post-mortem photographs (for the most part they’re neither gross nor creepy, just infinitely sad) I needed a jolt of kittens, bunnies or something equally cute and cheerful.

Then I saw this photo, the gravestone of a lady who had the right idea. I feel better now, and over the weekend Diane and I will make some fudge and think kindly of Kay, whoever she was.

It looks a lot like a recipe my mum used to make…

(Edited to add: Photo of fudge we made today, Tuesday 5th March 2013. Thank you, Kay. It’s delicious!)

The Sweetest Treat

A/N Hey Guys! Sorry I kinda fell off the grid… I started a new job, and they have me working crazy shifts! Anyway this fanfic came as I was eating ice cream, and a spare of the moment idea that popped in my head involving human!Cas. Then I was reading some more of @icecream-and-gadreel ‘s stuff, and decided to make it a Gadreel fic, in honor of this lovely lady! I promise I’m working on Oh Crap! Pt 2, but I’m not sure when it’ll be ready.

Anyway, this is dedicated to @icecream-and-gadreel just cause she’s awesome. Also tagging @bloodysideofhell because I love her.

Word Count: 1366

Pairing: Gadreel x Reader

Warnings: None! Fluffy fluff

Y/N- Your Name Y/F/C- Favorite Color Y/F/V- Favorite Vehicle/Car

Could it be any hotter? You think to yourself, stripping out of your sweaty shirt and standing in front of the open fridge in an attempt to cool off. Your brothers Sam and Dean had left for a hunt a few days ago, looking for a way to stop Abbadon.

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Before we decided to have a stream, we didn’t have 1000 yet- now we’re 150+ over 1000 already!!
seriously you guys just fall out of the sky and into our laps and open arms like little candies omg <333

The songs used in order are:
Hanabi Made Ato Sukoshi by SNoW, Light Pollution by Yukcheung Chun feat. Europa Huang, Come On Eileen (Blinkys 8bit Chasers cover version) by Lazyitis, Walking by the Sea by Edmud Fu, and Town Where You Can See the Ocean (from Kiki’s Delivery Service) by Yuka!

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Over-the-Top Dessert: Break-and-bake cookies are the secret to these incredible ice cream sandwich bars. Simply roll out all the dough to create one giant cookie, then bake, slice and layer it with store-bought ice cream and hot fudge sauce. The best part: dipping the bars into crushed chocolate toffee candy to form a supercrunchy shell.

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Bars

delicious fudge/toffee
  • 1 dl sugar
  • 1 tbsp margarine/butter
  • 0.75 dl coconut milk
  • 0.25 syrup
  • 1 tbsp (or more) unsweetened cocoa powder

Put all ingredient into a pot and bring it up to a boil. let it bubble for about 10 minutes. Stir around from time to time to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom. NEVER leave it unattended and make sure you don’t get anything on you because it’s seriously hot!

Fill a glas with cold water and drizzle a bit of the mixture in it. If it dissolves let it boil a bit more. If it hold it’s form pretty well take it of the heat. Get a big plate or a unmeltable container ready. Now comes the important bit: if you want it to be a kind of chewy toffee you just pour it in. If you want it to be fudge you have to stir it as it cools down. It sometimes takes a bit of practise to get the consistency you want. Pour it onto your plate/container.

let it cool and nom away :3

 Be careful and remeber to use utensils that doesn’t melt easily