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mistress92  asked:

How would the sf, uf, and ut bros react to seeing their bro turn to dust in front of them, but before their scarf/jacket can hit the ground the living bro's s/o shoves them aside and uses an ancient healing magic to bring them back to full health. But in doing so the s/o's soul gains a terrible crack that cannot be healed. The spell isn't typically used since to cast it you must give up part of your health to have it work. But they said saving their love's bro was worth the agony. Bros reaction?

SF Sans: He is in denial about Papyrus death, the moment he sees the dust, and then you bring him back, so he doesn’t even have to worry about loosing his brother that much. He thinks. He is in denial when he sees the crack in your soul, but it can be healed so he doesn’t have to worry about it that much. He thinks. The feeling of horror about almost loosing his brother slowly catches up with him, while he gets you to a healer. The horror turning into despai when the healer can’t do anything. 

You will have to drag him of the poor person, he will be clawing and screaming, grabing your arm afterwards and telling you that you can’t have lost so much health to save his brother, he would give all of his to keep him safe, but somebody else doing that, especially somebody as close to him as you just makes him feel so guilty, about letting his brother die, about you offering yuor own health in return for his life and about not beeing able to safe him himself. He is still partly in denial about you having lost health permanently. After he realizes that there is nothing he or anybody else can do, he get’s quieter, loosing some of his enthusiasm. 

After a few months of sinking into a emotional hole, he will pull himself out again, he want’s to help you trough this, you need him now. He will help you in any way possible, trying to help you to train your defences up higher, so you won’t be in to much danger. After all he himself only has 1 HP , but his defences are high enough to keep him safe and sound even in the Underground. 

SF Papyrus: You dont think you have him seen lose his cool that quickly and completly ever before, he is kneeling before you and Sans, mumbling nonsense, not able to form a proper sentence from all the emotions he is feeling at the moment. He will try to heal you, after a pained gasp from you wakes him from his trance, but his healing magic is very weak, and he has barely any stamina, making himself pass out from trying to hard, becasue hte crack in you soul. Just. Won’t. Heal. 

After he wakes up he will imediatly check Sans and then you over, seeing that you lost a good amount of your health, and gained a nasty crack in your soul. He will keep a calm mask on, for your sake, but he is sligthly breaking apart on the inside, checking on you more frequently then neccecery. He will try to find a way to heal you, being a medical science trainee, even asking Undyne for help, even though that means telling another monster about your new weakness. He doesn’t find one, getting aphatetic about the whole thing, barely even feeling guilty anymore, always seeming sligthly detached from reality. It will take him some time to accept what happened, and he will slowly start going back to nromal afterwards.

UF Sans: He is already screaming when he sees his brother dust, going into a full blown panic attack, not even noticing that you have brougth him back from the death. Papyrus tries to heal you, but after seeing that it has no effect and you seem otherwise alrigth, he nods you a thanks running to Sans to calm him down. Sans will clutch to both of you for the next few days like a koala, to scared that is just a dream or hallucination. 

He wont find out about your crack at first, only discoverong it after a few days when he randonly checks you just to reassure himself that you are as alive as he thinks you are, something hes been doing with Papyrus for the past few days before his brother got annoyed. Hes fucling pissd with you, and also so gratefull that you sacrefieced so much for his brother. He switches betwen yelling and thanking you, turning into an incoherent rambling mess in the end, just holding you desperatly close to you. He hates when he cant do anything to help you.

UF Papyrus: He is so pissed at you, screaming his loungs out, while deperatly trying to heal you. After he sees that nothing can be done, he clutches to you and his bro for dear life, to scared to let anybody of you go. He will get overprotective for the next days and even weeks, to scared that everything could kill you now. 

You will have to remind him gently that you are not a death person walking and you wont just disappear like that, you are just wealer then before. He gets kind of used to the whole situation after a bit, very gratefull to you for sacrifacing so much to safe his brother. But he will mever get quiet used to what you did and also not over his brothers death. He has occasional nightmars about you both dying.

UT Sans: Guilt, happiness, still lingering saddnes and despair, he clings to Papyrus unable to really express any of the emotions. He checks him over, to make sure he is alrigth, rushing to you after he notices that you are on your knees, gripping your chest. He can’t do any healing magic himself, so he begs Papyrus to help you, who is already on it before Sans even started the sentence.

After it is clear that you sacrificet your own health for his brothers live, Sans feels imense guilt. He knows you only did that becasue Papyrus is very important to him. He will sink into an emotional low for the following time, but after he sees that you are still alive, and you don’t seem to die anytime, even if you are weaker then before, he manages to get out of it. Well, you are now both in the weak and frail club, so that’s something, isn’t it.

UT Papyrus: Poor Papyrus is hugging both you and his brother, sobbing like he has never in his life. He will check over his brother to make sure he is actually alive, then checking you, already worried because of the pained expression on your face. After seeing the crack he will try to heal it, something he barely remembers happening, because he goes into shock, the death and nor your injury to much for him to handle at once.

He will feel sad about what you gave up for his brothers sake, trying to make it up to you in some way. You will catch him trying to heal the crack in your soul in the middle of the night, when he thinks you are sleeping, ever so often. After a while, the happiness that his brother and you are both alive will outweigth his saddnes, but he will try to take most work of your shoulders know, worrying that you won’t be able to do it withouth loosing more health. He handles your now poor health pretty well himself, having a one HP brother he is used to somebody close ot him beeing more frail then usuall.