So I’ve been feeling down and sad lately and it’s been murdering my creativity, so today I just decided to sit down and draw my way out of it…. Aaaand then it turned into Karel.

…Probably because I’ve been reading conversations between Karel and Lucius on my other account and loved them. Plus fuckyeahwodao’s Karel love has been making me wanna draw him for awhile- like as a present or something- especially since she’s been kinda down and stressed lately.

So hopefully I’ll finish this soon and give us both a smile!

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I was there for a long time, in the so long as someone is paying attention, no matter what they are like and yeah its a terrible way to be. Much better to have standards.

I’m glad someone understands. I mean its not like my standards are unreasonable, either. I’ve liked a number of people and even like someone now. So I see no problems with it.