400 Days: my two cents (no spoilers, just predictions)

Telltale Games. We love them. We hate them. We rage war over character “ships” even when Telltale never intended to exploit them. I think it’s safe to say that 400 Days brought back the familiarity of Telltale’s storytelling approach. The only difference was the lack of depth in our new characters. However, I believe the storywriters at Telltale know damn well that the characters in 400 Days have yet to be developed. Players aren’t meant to fully connect with them, yet- 400 Days is a preparation of what’s to come. 

I recall when nobody knew the process of how our choices from Season 1 would resonate in Season 2. The development of 400 Days fixed this dilemma and although the DLC is a short playthrough, it undoubtedly hints at the dedication Telltale will put into their plot and characters for Season 2.

Overall prediction: 400 Days was a VERY innovative way for Telltale to bridge Season 1 and 2. Perhaps this was a way for Telltale to know which characters are considered “favorites” amongst fans (so they can devise how to rip our hearts out in Season 2) Telltale Games knows what they’re doing, I’m sure of it, and they’re going to destroy us just as they did back in 2012.