I changed my mind. This is the stupidest blog on tumblr.

It looks dumb as fuck, and isn’t it “appropriative” to take something like that from Japanese culture. Hell, it has Japanese in its title.

Just goes to prove that the concept of “appropriation” on this site is largely a boogeyman buzzword used to denigrate the enemies of SJ whenever convenient.

anonymous asked:

I am extremely uncomfortable with you having fuckyeahsubversivekawaii as an affiliate. They have routinely expressed the opinion that man-hating, properly known as misandry, is completely acceptable. While I won't end up unfollowing if you keep them as an affiliate, I will be disappointed. Thanks for your time.

If the concept of misandry makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can just block that blog/blogs that talk about misandry? Because “misandry” is such a minuscule issue that men (and others who are offended by this concept) have the privilege of unfollowing blogs like this, whereas the numerous, numerous women and men and non-binary folk affected by misogyny are completely devoid of the privilege to ignore it because it is so well ingrained into our society and media that is literally everywhere and consequently, unavoidable.