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brbshittoavenge asked:

By the way, if you’re going to tell movie fans to read the comics, you should also read some of the older Avengers comics yourself. Hawkeye and Black Widow were a couple very early on, and he even asked her to marry him. And he was married to Mockingbird and he’s dating Spider Woman and he banged Scarlet Witch, etc etc. Need I go on? Being a fan elitist is shitty. It’s too bad because I used to really enjoy your blog.

If you can see, I deleted that post.It was meant to get MCU fans to read comics, but it clearly, others misread it and took it wrong.I’m sorry if this upset you, but clearly - it was a mistake to post it. And I apologize for that. And to the community. 

I do read the comics. Old and new~

Since I can’t reblog or reply to this, here we go.  If you meant to encourage MCU fans to read the comics, you did it in a severely piss-poor way.  You talked down to them, talked down to Clint/Natasha fans, and just generally acted like a jerk.  Frankly I’m not that upset that you crapped on my favorite ship.  Like I said in my original response, I really don’t care what ships you like or dislike.

I just don’t like it when anyone starts acting like they know what makes a real fan.  That’s what upsets me, because there is no High and Mighty Arbiter of Who Gets To Be A Fan or Not.  I don’t like seeing anyone acting like some fans aren’t good enough because they don’t do a, b, and c.  I don’t like seeing fans feeling like they’re not good enough to be in the fandom because of posts like yours.

It’s nice that you apologized for it after I sent a message.  But maybe in the future you’ll think first before being an elitist ass about a particular ship or segment of fandom.  Or at least phrase your elitism in a way that won’t be as misunderstood as you seem to think it was.

Just so everyone knows, I am no longer following fuckyeahhawkguy because their policy to tag with only issue number rather than ‘Wednesday spoilers’ is something I don’t want on my dash.

If you follow them and don’t want to be spoiled, you should TS by issue number, apparently. Every week. Just in case.