↳ Whoa… They do look strong! The ones who made it to the finals earlier. The strongest high school, Rakuzan High School! And the first year that leads that team, Akashi Seijuro of the Generation of Miracles!

If you look away and just turn your back on those 
you don’t understand, you’ll regret it someday.
Accept what’s happening before your eyes as a fact.
That’s a shortcut to becoming an adult, missy.

↳Happy Happy Birthday to MWPSB Division One Enforcer, Ginoza Nobuchika! ( ˘ ³˘)❤


↳ That’s why I stayed alive. Even when I thought it was pointless, even when I thought no one needed me, I forced myself to stay alive like an idiot. And here I am now, able to see you again. So, Mika. Let’s survive together, even if we struggle.