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Exo Gif Reaction: When you tease him all day, to see how long it takes for him to snap.

Baekhyun: He would go all day, noticing your teasing, but doing nothing about it. You would probably do something that sends him over the edge, causing him to drop whatever he is doing and drag you to the bedroom, a smirk on his face the whole time.

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Chanyeol: It would probably take him a few hours to even notice your teases, but when he does, he gets too excited to handle himself.

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D.O: He would shut down your teasing real quick. He’d make sure you knew that he was boss, and teasing isn’t allowed.

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Sehun: He would probably notice the teasing, but he wouldn’t be sure what to do about it. He wouldn’t know if you wanted him to act, so he’d just watch you in want. Eventually, you’d have to drag him to bed yourself.

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Kai: He would notice you teasing, and show how excited it gets him through his body language. “Jagi, I think we should go spend some quality time in the bedroom,” he would suggest after he’d had enough teasing.

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Suho: He would probably scold you for teasing him so much. “You like hurting oppa like that?” he would ask. All would be forgiven though as soon as you two hit the bedroom;)

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Lay: He would probably smile at you and say, “Does my baobei want some alone time with me?” When you say yes, he would grab your hand, and take you to the room for some sweet love making.

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Chen: He would act like he doesn’t notice your teasing. When you keep trying, and failing, he would laugh at you. “Jagiya, it’s my turn,” he would muse, taking his turn to tease you until YOU snap.

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Xiumin: He would give you the ‘really bitch?’ look. When you played innocent, looking at him with big eyes and your bottom lip poked out, is when he would snap.

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Tao: He would just smirk and wait for you to finish teasing, then taking your hand and drag you to the bedroom.

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Luhan: He would get all shy and embarrassed by your teasing. “Baobei, stop. You’re making oppa blush,” he would say shyly.

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Kris: “You think you can just tease me like that?” he would demand once he’d had enough teasing. Then he’d drag you to the bedroom, pin you against the wall, and say, “well now it’s my turn.”

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